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Best drinks for the beach

In a new poll on preferred beach drinks, beer was the most popular, but people who drink mojitos and margaritas are most likely to have the best sex life.

In reality, fall is just around the corner. But if you’re still clinging to summer, there’s a new poll on fancy adult beverages at the beach.
Around 2,000 people were polled, and 17% say the best alcoholic drink at the beach is beer. Margaritas and wine are tied for second, followed by daiquiris and Bloody Mary’s.

People say the best flavored beach drinks involve pineapple. Strawberry is second, followed by coconut, watermelon, lemon, and lime.
Here are some other fun things the poll found: If you enjoy a minty mojito or tart margarita on the beach, a new survey finds you also most likely have a great sex life. People who drink mojitos and margaritas are most likely to have the best sex lives! Results also show that those who prefer a mojitos also have the most success when it comes to dating, and are happiest with their lives.

Beer drinkers are the most extroverted, while Bloody Mary drinkers are the most adventurous, and are most likely to say “yes” to everything. According to the poll, Margarita fans are more introverted. Personally, I haven’t found that to be true – especially after they’ve had a couple.

People who prefer sangria are the most likely to have at least five friends (???), and the people who drink Sex on the Beach cocktails are the most likely to suggest watching a horror movie.

So what about us wine drinkers? Wine drinkers have perhaps the most diverse music taste, preferring hip hop, and jazz,, while those who like beer jam out to rock, and pop music. Those sangria drinkers live for intense drama flicks.

None of this makes much sense to me either, but why not!

-Carla Rea

Here are the best alcoholic drinks at the beach:

  • Beer - 17%

  • Margarita - 16%

  • Wine - 16%

  • Daiquiri - 11%

  • Bloody Mary - 9%

  • Best flavored drinks for the beach:

  • Pineapple - 43%

  • Strawberry - 41%

  • Coconut - 35%

  • Watermelon - 31%

  • Lemon/lime - 26%