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Thank you from KKLZ and Beasley Broadcasting – Paws in the Park 2022 is in the books, and it was nothing short of amazing!

A beautiful day was had by all at Desert Breeze Park on Saturday. Food trucks, and vendors selling, and giving away treats, clothing, and more, for all of your furry family members – which included dogs of every breed and size, small horses, a cat, and a duck. The best news though, the story on missing dog at “Paws in the Park” has a happy ending!

There were some great contests: Owner/animal look-a-likes, cutest animals, ugliest animals (that were just as cute as the cutest!).

Have you ever lost your dog? It’s awful! You don’t know where they are, if they are ok, or – sadly -even alive. The day started out tough when “Patches,” from Vegas Pet Rescue, got loose, and no one could stop her. I tried hard, but she kept doing the old ‘get close – then DART AWAY’ trick! A man caught up with her and tried to grab her, but she didn’t like that, and bit him (come to find out later, she is uneasy around strange males, because of a past cruel owner).

Vegas Pet Rescue posted her picture all over social but, sadly, Patches was gone – until the stagehands started tearing down the stage. As they started tearing down the stage, a Parks and Recreation AV guy said “hey – there’s a dog under the stage!” And there was Patches! Her foster mom/owner Tina was overwhelmed with relief. PATCHES WAS HIDING UNDER THE STAGE FOR SEVEN HOURS!!

Patches hid under the stage through the great performances of Social Order, Ian Flanigan, Bat Out Of Hell, Alec Benjamin, and The Motown Review.

Patches had a couple torn pads, and was scared and shaking terribly but she’s going to be ok, and she’s home with her family.

More good news: At the end of the day, almost EVERY dog had been adopted! And that was a huge part of this event!

It was a great day filled with sunshine, food, music, and best of all – PETS. Our pets are our family, and they want nothing from us but love – well, and food and treats. But love – unconditional love – is all they really want, and want to give back.

So here’s to Paws in the Park 2022, and here’s looking ahead to Paws In the Park 2023 – BIGGER AND BETTER!

-Carla Rea

  • Carla with Dachshund Heidi.

    Carla with Heidi

  • Carla with AJ and his Cat, Jack Sheldon - representing the felines!

    Carla at Paws in the Park 2022

  • Musical artist Alec Benjamin with Carla Rea - Alec killed it onstage

    Carla Rea and Alec Benjamin

  • Patches is found!!

    Patches from Vegas Pet Rescue

  • Another Paws in the Park party goer

    Paws in the Park

  • Paws in the Park attendees dressed it up!

    Paws in the Park