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According to a recent survey, the average person has about 84 minor “mishaps” a year. We’re talking like texting the wrong person, trying to unlock the wrong car…stuff like that. Well, on The Mike & Carla Morning Show, Mike O’Brian talks about his “senior” moment over the weekend at the airport in San Diego.

Now let’s explain those minor “mishaps” a bit more. These are all things that usually happen by accident. For example, sitting on the remote and changing the channel with your butt! Forgetting to cancel a subscription you never use. Before you know it, it renews again with out letting you know.

“I can’t believe I had another “senior” moment!”

Keep in mind that according to StudyFinds, these are all very innocent and can actually happen to all of us. In fact, most of us would probably admit to things like this happening. However, over the weekend Mike O’Brian has something happen to him you might just chalk up as a “senior” moment as opposed to a “mishap”.

While waiting for the plane to board, everyone was lining up. On Southwest Airlines you line up in groups and according to numbers. Seeing that passengers were lining up, Mike when into the line asking “…who is number 47?”

Since he and his wife were 48 and 49 respectively, it only made sense right? As he asked and others started checking their own numbers, Jodi shouted out, “Mike, that’s group A, we’re group B!”

Of course Mike quickly stepped back and reminded those standing in line, “…okay, you guys are all good and in numerical order!” Moving back to his seat next to his wife, she just shook her head thinking, “…yep, he’s mine!”

So see, it can happen to all of us no matter what age! So think about your last minor “mishap” and see if it happens to be in the Top 10! But find out what made the Top 5 at least, so scroll down and enjoy!

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Top 5 Minor Mishaps


    It’s happened to all of us…tryin to unlock the wrong car. You think it’s your car, but for that split second you realize, uh oh! This minor “mishap” comes in at #5!

    Trying to unlock the wrong car

    Tom Merton via Getty Images


    That awkward moment when you think your phone is on silent when you’re at an important meeting! AWKWARD! That’s why it comes in at #4 on the list!

    Phone ringing at the wrong time

    PeopleImages via Getty Images


    The one time you wash your whites with that red sock that’s never been washed before…all of a sudden you have a lot of pink in your wardrobe. Minor mishap #3 on the list!

    Laundry mistakes can be a huge minor "mishap"

    monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images



    It happens a lot when in a strange new city, but getting on the wrong bus or train. Hey, it happens to all of us! But #2 on the list of minor mishaps!

    Oleksandr Filon via Getty Images


    Boy, if this doesn’t happen more times than not! Waving “hi” to someone you thought you knew! Be honest, it happens all the time and maybe that’s why it’s #1 on the list of minor “mishaps”?

    Waving "hi" to someone you thought you knew!

    Ableimages via Getty Images

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