The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Happy “Morning Show Hosts Day“!  It’s celebrated on September 27 each year, and probably doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to us – or maybe it DOES!

Today is dedicated to getting to know the personalities behind your favorite morning show. Let’s assume it’s The Mike and Carla Morning Show, since you’re reading thisHonestly, we think you know us pretty well. Partly because we’ve shared a lot with you over the years. Maybe too much?

If you’ve been listening to morning radio in Las Vegas for any length of time, you know Mike O’Brian. He’s has been THE VOICE of morning radio for 36 years.  Mike O’Brian has been a constant in your mornings. Ever since he and the Breakfast Flakes took Las Vegas by storm at KLUC. (Remember those birthday whippings??)

M&C celebrating National Morning Show Hosts Day today!

When Mike left KLUC, 97.1 The Point picked him up, and that’s where he and Carla Rea started doing morning radio together. They’ve actually known each other much longer. From Carla doing comedy and having friends in common.

Carla Rea has been entertaining audiences at comedy clubs in Las Vegas, and throughout the country (and Canada)  for over 30 years.  Carla started in Reno, where she also did radio, in the form of voicework for advertisers. In the mid 80’s she moved to San Francisco. She honed her comedy skills and wound up in Las Vegas in 1989. She started in talk radio in 1997 at Hot Talk 105.1, in Las Vegas. It then that she joined Mike O’Brian at 97.1 The Point in 2000.

In 2012 Mike O’Brian and Carla joined forces again on the radio airwaves at 96.3 KKLZ and the rest, as they say- is history!

Here’s hoping we can continue waking you up for years to come! If not, you’ll find Mike O’Brian watering down the lawn at Las Vegas Ballpark. As for Carla Rea, she’ll be tearing your tickets at the local movie theater.

Thank you for listening to us all these years. We’ve had a lot of fun because of YOU!


  • Mike and Carla. New Year (2001?). Still partying like it's 1999!

    Hosting a gaming event quite a while ago…you can tell by the hair styles and formal wear right? But it was fun and the check didn’t bounce!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla, New Year 2013

    Bringing in a New Year out at Lake Las Vegas a few years ago. Never a bad time with these two!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla, AFTER midnight.

    Now we can relax! Mike & Carla at the “after party” on New Year’s having just “one” more!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla pooped after Junefest

    Hey, we haven’t even started yet…but “Junefest” was always a lot of work, but a good time!

    Junefest Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla onstage at Junefest

    It was an annual event that Mike & Carla took pride in hosting each and every year. They always seem to have a lot of fun and got the crowd going before the next act!

    Junefest Mike and CArla

  • Mike and Carla cocktailing at Disneyland

    It might be Disneyland, but you have to have at least “one”. No problem for Mike & Carla sharing a beverage at the Happiest Place on Earth!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla, at a bar. Do you see a pattern?

    Even after being on the air for a few hours, Mike & Carla always seem to find time to enjoy a local happy hour! Nothing wrong with that, as long as we can wake up the next morning!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and Carla in studio. See - we DO work!

    This is our “home”, the best place to be each weekday morning. Our few hours in the KKLZ studio are the best! Hope it is for you as well!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike and who???

    Once again, a “Junefest” moment before everyone rushes in. Hamming it up for the camera is never a problem for The M&C Morning Show!

    Mike and Carla

  • Mike O'Brian, the early years! No perm, that's natural.

    Mike’s serious “fro” from the 70s! All natural baby!


    Mike O'Brian in the late 70s hard at work in the studio


  • Carla Rea, the early years of comedy - that's a perm.

    That is Carla on stage early in her comedy career…and that is a “perm”!

    Carla Rea

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