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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

NEW YORK - MAY 01: David Blaine begins his seven day endurance challenge under water at Lincoln Center on May 01, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

David Blaine has dig himself out of the ice for a new residency at Resorts World in Las Vegas!

David Blaine is an American Illusionist known for his crazy street illusions and magic! From levitation to the basic card tricks, Blaine has boggled minds for years! The 49-year-old tests the limits and has broken many world records with his feats of endurance!

So what’s the next step after you’ve conquered TV specials, street magic, and more? Vegas Baby! David Blaine brings his illusions to the Las Vegas strip, over at Resorts World Las Vegas! “David Blaine: In Spades”!

Blaine has single handedly redefined magic by taking his magic to the streets for his original television special that he produced and directed himself. He was just twenty-three when he did it. He even got praise from already popular magic & stunt Las Vegas performer Penn Jillette of Penn And Teller. Blaine took what existed for over a hundred years and turned it into a modern marvel. The New York Times even claims that Blaine “Saved Magic!”

David  not only does magic but does feats of extreme endurance…like holding his breath under water, fasting for forty-four days with only drinking water for sustenance, and more! So what can you expect from seeing his first ever Las Vegas residency? All of it and more!

David Blaine is performing at Resorts World Las Vegas Now Through Mid-March. Get your tickets here!

Check out the full Mike And Carla Morning Show interview with David Blaine now.

And watch five of the craziest David Blaine illusions, and More!





  • Blaine Doesn't Eat For 44-Days

    David Blaine was enclosed in a glass box, while it hung from a crane over London. Not only did he do this, but he didn’t eat for 44-days while being in that glass box. He drank water for substenance. Fans and on lookers made it worse by making loud noises while he slept and tempted him with food from below. While this isn’t a magic trick or illusion, it was a true test of endurance!

    David Blaine

    Ker Robertson via Getty Images

  • Buried Alive

    Back in 1999, David Blaine did his first ever endurance challenge. He buried himself alive. He was in a glass encased box that was submerged under water for seven days straight. Again, only drinking water to survive.

    David Blaine

    M. Von Holden via Getty Images


  • Blaine Blows Jeff Bezos' Mind With A Deck Of Cards

    Blaine is the kind of street magic. He found himself talking with Billionaire Jeff Bezos. What do you do when you’re in that situation, you do street magic! That’s exactly what he did and blew peoples minds with basic magic! Check it out below!

  • David Blaine Bends Metal Prison Bars

    We’ve seen the traditional magic/illusion of a magician bending a metal spoon or some type of metal object, but how about prison bars? David Blaine went to a prison and bent the prison bars, all while recording it on video. Check it out below!

  • David Blaine Holds His Breath For Seventeen Minutes

    David Blaine went on the Oprah Winfrey Show and submerged himself in a huge glass ball tank filled with water. Blaine held his breath for seventeen minutes in front of a live audience! If you missed it or forgot about it, here’s the video of it!

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