The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Weekdays 5:00am - 10:00am

Every Friday, Mike and Carla are doing “Locals Trivia” for KSNV Channel 3‘s noon newscast!

Tom Hawley was the absolute king of Nevada trivia. Staff at Channel 3 didn’t know if the trivia segment would continue after Hawley’s passing in late 2021. Well, we’re here to give you good news. Channel 3 has allowed us to join their family, to ask you some fun questions while giving you tidbits of quirky information about the state we live in.

Oh, by the way — did we mention you can win prizes?

“The Mike & Carla Morning Show” will record this segment every Friday, and the staff at Channel 3 is still, and will always be, the BEST. Their hospitality, production and comradery is what makes me — Carla — feel like I’m at home.

We had some fun this week — enjoy the pictures! And don’t forget: Noon news, every Friday!

  • Channel 3, and the rest of Las Vegas, misses Tom Hawley immensely!

    Channel 3

    The *original* morning crew

  • Graphics ready

    Channel 3 Locals Trivia

    Graphic good to go!

  • Yes - Carla needs to stand on a box!

    Mike and Carla ready

    You don’t get to see the box Carla has to stand on in the segment, but here it is. By the way – when she was on with Dana Wagner, it was the foot-tall box!


  • Teleprompter ready

    Channel 3 locals trivia

    Roll it!

  • Studio time

    Channel 3 xtudios

    KSNV/Channel 3 studio

  • Carla Rea on "Wake up With The Wagners"

    Channel 3

    Carla Rea used to frequent “Wake Up With The Wagners” Kim Wagner, Dana Wagner, Carla Rea (2008)