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For Las Vegas locals, it’s hard to imagine even more people moving into our city than what we have currently seen. With concerns like water shortages, increased crime, and roads not wide enough to handle the crowds, many locals are saying “enough already”. Our city seems to be growing at a rate faster than our infrastructure can keep up with. The last thing it seems we need is even more people moving in, at least before we can expand our resources.

But more people moving to Las Vegas appears to be the reality of the situation.

Penske Truck Rental, known for its fleet of moving trucks and vans, released its Top 10 list this week. The list reveals the cities that received the most inbound one-way moving truck rentals in 2022. For the second year in a row, Las Vegas has been in the top 3 on that list. Along with Houston, which also kept its top spot.

Penske’s list also mentioned the potential reasons why people might be relocating to place like Las Vegas and Houston. One major reason is that people are looking for warmer climates to live in. Which seems surprising, since we’re always hearing about global warming and how things are inevitably going to get warmer everywhere.

Another reason could be the sudden growth of sports venues we are getting in Las Vegas. We got our professional hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights, in 2017. Then the Las Vegas Raiders moved in in 2020. Now we just got the confirmation that we’re acquiring the Oakland A’s.

And of course, the lack of a state tax is desirable for many people. In spite of the fact that we are a hair above average in cost of living, not having to shell out an extra tax every April is very appealing, especially for those in the higher tax brackets.

The thing that’s got most locals on edge though, is that moving to Las Vegas might be a trend. Since our city kept its top spot on the list for two years in a row, it’s possible it’s going to stay there and even more people will be coming this year. Time will tell.

You can see from this list where Las Vegas lands compared to the other states in the top 10, and what might be drawing people to each city. – Wendy Rush

  • #10 - Austin, TX

    Aerial photo over a large crowd attending a festival in Austin, Texas.

    Austin is known for its music and art scene. It also has great weather and a laid-back lifestyle. All good things when you’re looking for a place to live.

  • #9 - San Antonio, TX

    The image incompasses the whole city of San Antonio, including all of its landmarks and highways, and has a sun flare from the left while contrasting is a blue front from the right

    A lot of people are moving to Texas. Maybe it’s because there’s no state sales tax. On top of that, San Antonio boasts a low cost of living, affordable housing and a stable job market. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

  • #8 - Jacksonville, FL

    A gorgeous aerial view of Ponte Vedra Beach in Jacksonville, Florida

    A low cost of living and beach access don’t normally come in the same place. They do in Jacksonville. Along with a great culture and job market.

  • #7 - Dallas, TX

    Dallas downtown skyline in the evening, Texas

    People are saying the appeal of Dallas is its amazing weather, friendly residents, and reasonable cost of living.

  • #6 - Charlotte, NC

    Queens Road West in Charlotte, North Carolina with old tall willow oak trees

    Families especially are flocking to Charlotte because of the good education system, stable job market, and abundance of activities for kids and families.

  • #5 - Atlanta, GA

    Streets of Atlanta neighborhoods on summer

    A stable job market and charming neighborhoods are among the things bringing new residents to Atlanta.

  • #4 - Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.

    A growing economy and low cost of living are among the pros locals like about Phoenix.

  • #3 - Orlando, FL

    Orlando. Located in Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida, USA.

    Lower than average cost of living and a good job market are among the reasons people like living in Orlando.

  • #2 - Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Sign Pointing to Fun

    Las Vegas offers no sales tax, mild winters and a growing metropolis. All appealing to those looking for a place to relocate to.

  • #1 - Houston, TX

    Closeup of a Houston, Texas map with red pin

    People love living in Houston because there’s no sales tax, the healthcare system is awesome and it offers a relatively low cost of living.

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