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Taylor Swift will be at Allegiant Stadium March 24 & 25. Are you trying to buy tickets? You might be out of luck, Katniss! Ticketmaster says Friday’s public ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been canceled!

The sudden cancellation comes after Ticketmaster said Thursday that more than two million tickets were sold Tuesday for her upcoming tour — the most ever sold for an artist in a single day. It caused a meltdown of Ticketmaster’s website.

Now, there’s a potential war erupting – Taylor Swift fans are mad at Ticketmaster, and so is everyone else! That’s what came up this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show!

Ticketmaster says that roughly 3.5 million people signed up to buy Taylor Swift tickets – its “largest registration in history.” That demand, along with a a large number of bot attacks, and fans who didn’t have invite codes” drove “unprecedented traffic” to Ticketmaster – and it broke!

Live Nation Chairman Greg Maffei said they’re working to fix the problem, but he put the blame squarely where he says it belongs:  On TAYLOR SWIFT (‘s popularity)!

Why has it become impossible to get concert tickets? Why do we need to plan a whole day to but tickets to a concert? Why are there so many different presale days? Why are the fees tacked on to concert tickets so high? Why on earth are bots/outlets allowed to even BUY tickets? Not so long ago, anyone who bought tickets, and sold them for more than face value was called a SCALPER! It was illegal, and I thought it STILL WAS illegal! Why? Why? WHY???

You may not like AOC, but I’m sure you’ll agree with her statement: “Daily reminder that Ticketmaster is a monopoly.” Its merger with LiveNation should never have been approved, and they need to be reigned in.”

The M&C talked to those who tried and even a couple of parents got through to buy tickets…listen to the segment and whatever you do, don’t lose faith!


Remember a little band called Pearl Jam? They TRIED to change things back in the mid 90’s. They decided not to use Ticketmaster, because their ticket prices were just too high through them, for their fans. They decided to do things themselves. Because of that, they had to work crappy venues, pay more for crew, etc.

Pearl Jam had a lot of bands ready to go along with them, until those bands were told to stick with the big guys, and they’ll be taken care of *wink, wink*.

Here’s a list of bands that TRIED to change the prices of, and the way tickets are sold.

-Carla Rea

  • Pearl Jam - The Granddaddy of them all, who tried to fight Ticketmaster, and high ticket prices

    Back in 1995 when Pearl Jam was promoting Vitalogy, they decided to take on Ticketmaster because of the increase in ticket prices and service fees for their upcoming tour. The band vowed to skip venues that worked with Ticketmaster, despite the company working with 90 percent of venues across the country.

    Eddie Vedder said “we were having week-long meetings about chain-link fences and porta potties. And because we would only play in non-Ticketmaster venues, we had to go to these really out-of-the way places,” guitarist Mike McCready said. “We had to handle everything ourselves. I remember taking calls about portaloos. It was quite an ordeal.”

    Eddie Vedder



  • Bruce Springsteen

    When The Boss decided to do acoustic shows as part of “Springsteen on Broadway,” he knew the intimate experience would be bought out by scalpers if he didn’t do something about it. He turned to Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program, which vets the ticket purchasers and then sends them a unique code to use to purchase a certain amount of tickets. Only 3 percent of tickets from the tour ended up on third-party ticket reselling websites.
    Bruce Springsteen
  • Greta Van Fleet

    In 2018, Greta Van Fleet said: “We are actively trying to resolve the troubling issue of scalpers raising ticket prices. … bands today are told to raise ticket prices to fight scalpers. This is unacceptable. We want all our fans to be able to see us at a fair price.” Greta Van Fleet’s team set some of their recent general admission tickets at $50, which is cheap in today’s concert world.
    Greta Van Fleet
  • Tom Petty

    In 2006, Tom Petty made headlines when he canceled 460 tickets to stop ticket scalpers. The tickets were originally set aside for his fan club members, but they were put up on third-party ticket-selling websites for a much higher price. After Tom Petty’s people made the tickets invalid, the 460 tickets went back up on his fan club for purchase again. Strict measures were taken, including requiring a photo ID for pickup, to prevent more scalping.
    Tom Petty
  • Radiohead

    n 2012, Radiohead teamed up with Ticket Trust, which offers bands and fans an ethical alternative to a secondary or third-party ticket selling platform. The band also promised that any fans that purchased tickets through their own merch store, could be exchanged for face value via Ticket Trust if needed.



  • Foo Fighters

    Foo Fighters established the #BeatTheBots campaign against ticket scalpers for their 2014 Sonic Highways Tour. The band held a pre-sale in person at pop-up box office locations in cities where they would play across the country. Fans had the ability to buy tickets in-person exclusively in increments of 1, 2 or 4.  Fans got first shot at tickets to these shows.
    Foo Fighters
  • Rage Against The Machine

    When Rage Against The Machine‘s reunion tour went on sale in 2020, ticket scalpers had a field day. But Tom Morello had a plan that stopped roughly 85 percent of the scalping market. The band offered premium seating for higher rates that went to local charities. In just 48 hours they managed to raise over $3 million!

    Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine


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