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Group of age-diverse boys and girls, happy friends with swim floats jumping into swimming pool on the vacations

The Memorial Day weekend kicks off another Las Vegas summer…and here are a few tips to follow for local pool etiquette! We’re talking about pools at your favorite resort, your community pool or even if you head over to a friend’s house. According to the HUFFPOST, we start with a list of the rudest things you can do at the pool this summer. They include blasting your favorite tunes, going barefoot, or hopping in the pool with an open wound.

All these things you should keep in mind if your headed to a pool this weekend or even over the summer. Some people do have rules and they’re hoping you’ll follow them. Whether they tell you or not, all these things are just common courtesy type stuff. So going to cool off during the summer, don’t take anything for granted.

This summer, local pool etiquette!

One huge thing that came up was going swimming with an open sore! We’re talking a rash, foot fungus, or even a cut.  And for the record, chlorine will not always keep it from spreading.  It’s also been said that others just feel a bit uncomfortable swimming with an obvious open wound! Right?

Excessive splashing seems to make the list, but not enough to cut into the Top 5. If you’re in the pool with kids, splashing just seems a little unnecessary…especially where adults are concerned! And don’t we just love that one guy who makes an entrance with a huge cannonball!

Listen, everyone wants to have fun at the pool…but keep in mind that all these rules are meant to insure that! All this pool etiquette just comes down to being courteous to others. It’s really not that hard. Of course, when there’s alcohol involved, things to tend to get a little out of hand.

So listen to the segment from this morning and then to see the Top 5, scroll down and enjoy!



    Not sure we would actually agree with this one, but okay. Just remember, there might be kids, families and people of all ages in the pool area…just know your pool! Maybe this is why it comes in at #5!

    Young ladies laying by the local pool sunbathing

    Frank and Helena via Getty Images


    One of the rudest things you can do, let the kids just run wild at a community pool type setting! With that said, we really think this should have been #1, but it comes in at #4!

    Kids running wild at the local pool

    SerrNovik via Getty Images


    This is something that should be punishable with a fine! Those people that come out early in the morning or even late at night to save like 5-6 chairs, then don’t get there until later in the afternoon! It’s just plain rude! It comes in at #3!

    Lounge chairs by the local pool

    undefined undefined via Getty Images


    Not only is it rude to use a glass for your drink around the pool, but it’s a safety issue as well. Use a paper cup or plastic for your drink or a koozie for your beer! Not that hard, but rude enough to come in at #2!

    A woman using glass by the pool is a no-no!

    Sviatlana Barchan via Getty images


    Here’s the deal, we’re not just talking about kids! Hey guys, don’t feel like there’s enough chlorine in the pool to kill it if you pee in the pool. Take a minute, dry off and do the right thing. This IS the rudest thing you can do in a pool this summer or anytime here in Las Vegas! Congrats on being #1!

    Kid standing in the pool by herself

    Adam Pretty via Getty Images

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