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If you’re traveling this summer and looking for some ACTION, The Bottle Club performed a study that ranked the 10 “most seductive cities” in the world.  And three of them are in the U.S.

The study ranked the “most seductive” cities in the world by looking at things like how many people make money on OnlyFans, and how many hotels rent by the hour…well of course Las Vegas had to be near the top right? Las Vegas ranked number two followed by New York. Two other U.S. cities make the list including Los Angeles at number 10, and Miami at number 11.

What makes Las Vegas so “seductive”…if you think about it, all that we have to offer up and down the Las Vegas Strip and beyond! Sin City has some of the hottest pools, nightclubs, social scenes and everything that goes on under the Vegas sun! If you’re looking for the “hook-up”, I guess it would be safe to say, no place better than the “Entertainment Capital of the World”.

However, if you want to know the Top 5 Most “Seductive Cites” in the world according to The Bottle Club, then check out the list below!


  • #5 Paris, France

    Paris, France

    [saiko3p] via Getty Images

    We all knew that Paris was the city for “lovers”, but clearly there is something else to this European city that we didn’t know about that listed it at #5 in the “Most Seductive Cities!”

  • #4 Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain

    [ventdusud] via Getty Images

    Here with thought it was all about bullfighting and running through the streets to avoid getting gored by a bull…evidently Madrid has much more to offer coming in at #4 on the list of “Most Seductive Cities” in the world!

  • #3 New York, New York

    New York City

    [Ultima Gaina] via Getty Images

    The home base for so many huge movies, television shows and, of course, Broadway…the city of New York has quite the nightlife, but not enough! That’s why we find the city that never sleeps at #3 on the list of “Most Seductive Cities” in the world!

  • #2 Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas Nightlife

    [f11photo] via Getty Images

    If you don’t have the means to travel all over the world, but you still want to play with the big boys, then Las Vegas is your best bet as the biggest playground for adults! With everything to offer day or night, during the week or on weekends, there’s a reason why Las Vegas is the highest ranking U.S. city when it comes to the “Most Seductive Cities” in the world!

  • #1 London, England

    London at night

    [vwalakte] via Getty Images

    Well known for giving us The Beatles, our curiosity with the Royal Family, a spot of tea and more…who knew the city of London also offered a totally different lifestyle for those looking! The capital city of England has it all and tops the list at #1 in the world of “Most Seductive Cities!”

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