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A new study from ranked more than 180 cities in the nation according to their “happiness”! Based on life satisfaction scores, depression rates, physical and mental health, weather and more.

Believe it or not, none of our cities in the great Silver State of Nevada even made the Top Ten, however, we are happy and below are the rankings for the 4 “happiest” cities in Nevada.

#78 Reno

#98 Henderson

#133 Las Vegas

#135 North Las Vegas

Sad to see the great city of Detroit named the “unhappiest” city as it came in dead last at #182. Of course, they will have plenty of time to recover this year. If you’d like to see who made the Top 5, scroll below or click on to see the entire list!


    The city of Irvine, California is best known for its beautiful parks, friendly people who reside there, low crime and great schools…all good reasons to be ranked in the #5 spot of the “Happiest” Cities in America!


    If you do in deed know the way to San Jose, then make the visit because this northern California city made it on the list of “Happiest” cities and ranks #4 for a reason! Surrounded by the rolling hills forming the Silicon Valley, this technological community clearly offers a bit more than hi tech and computers.



    This city by the bay has been featured in movies, tv shows and has been written about in iconic songs! San Francisco features the trolley cars, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, the food, the sights and more making it the #3 on the list of “Happiest” cities in America!


    Located just outside of our Nation’s capital, Columbia, Maryland features lake shores, everything outdoors, a bit of history and much more. They also say that the people of Columbia are very welcoming making it #2 on the list of “Happiest” cities!


    Well, there’s a reason the city of Fremont, California is ranked as the #1 “Happiest” city in America since it’s nestled in the shadows of San Francisco! Safe, diverse and a number of great restaurants give you all the reasons to live in the “Happiest” city in America!