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How FUN would you say your state is?

Are you a top 10 state, bottom 10 or middle of the pack?

An annual study ranked all 50 states by how FUN they are, and researchers based this study on the number of activities and “things to do” available in each state. With pure enjoyment in mind, WalletHub compared 50 states across “26 key indicators of a jolly good time that won’t break the bank.” These “indicators” range from movie costs to accessibility of national parks to casinos per capita.

The Mike & Carla Morning Show were SHOCKED (shocked) to find out that Nevada was NOT #1.

Now, the 10 LEAST fun are:  West Virginia, Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Vermont, Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Kentucky.  (Of course, not everyone’s idea of “fun” is the same . . . that said, West Virginia seems like a hard sell across the board.)

What are the the 5 most FUN states? Check the list below and find out where Nevada ranks! All that and a lot more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”



    Greetings From Illinois

    [teddyandmia] via Getty Images

    We know how much fun Chicago can be, but how the entire state of Illinois made it into the Top 5 is beyond even us! However, it is known as “The Land of Lincoln” if that means anything to you!

  • #4 NEW YORK

    Greetings From NY

    [teddyandmia] via Getty Images

    Okay, so New York City is a pretty exciting place on it’s own and we all know that, but we come to find out that the entire state is a lot of “fun” according to this study and puts it at #4 on the list!

  • #3 NEVADA

    Greetings From Nevada

    We think we all know how fun the state of Nevada can be with all the things there are to do in the great Silver State! From Lake Tahoe to Hoover Dam, even if you don’t gamble or see a show on the famous Las Vegas Strip…there’s things to do that fit everyone’s budget. For that reason Nevada ranks #3 on the list!

  • #2 FLORIDA

    Greetings from Florida

    Well, we do know it as the “Sunshine State”, so with the miles of beaches in this southern state and places to actually vacation, the state of Florida some how ends up above Nevada and comes in at #2 on the list!


    Greetings from California

    [teddyandmia] via Getty Images

    The top spot on the list of The Most Fun States in America belongs to California! Like Florida, it has the beautiful beaches, the sunsets, surfing, the music of the Beach Boys and so much more which makes this state the most fun on a budget!