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“We’ve officially got too much going on, because this is NOT enough downtime:  A new poll found the average American only feels truly relaxed for 40 minutes a day.  And 47% said even less than that. We ARE trying to take better care of ourselves though.  Since the pandemic started, 72% of people say they’ve paid more attention to self-care.” says.

According to, “The most common things we do to feel better about ourselves or relax include exercising . . . going on walks . . . reading . . . watching TV . . . and listening to music.”

Of course, living in Las Vegas, people tend to stress out over things like the traffic, the crowds, the 24 hour lifestyle…and after a while it all adds up!

On the other hand, you would think living in here and in the great state of Nevada, there would be plenty of places to go and things to do to relax and chill out! Between hiking in the mountains, kayaking on Lake Mead or any of the other smaller lakes in Desert Shores, Lake Las Vegas to a road trip off to explore some of the little know ghost towns that dot the Silver State!

So what are the most “stressful” cities in the U.S.? Looking at factors like work, finances, family situations, and health, you will be happy to know that while Las Vegas and Henderson clearly has it’s “stress” under control…North Las Vegas seems to be the only city in Nevada that cracks the Top 10 at this point in time, so they might want to slow down a bit and smell the roses!

In fact, despite all that we have going on here in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, Las Vegas ranks 35th out of 182 cities in the study…Henderson is a little less stressful at #43!

Take a look below at the list of Top 5 Most Stressful Cities in the U.S. according to , you might be a little surprised!


    Welcome to Newark

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    Never been to Newark, much less New Jersey, but this city has quite a bit going on with sports, places to go and see, but clearly the folks there are stressed out since they come in at #5 on the list of “Stessful Cities” in America!


    welcome to baltimore

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    With it’s major league baseball team, great college sports and the best crabs and crab cakes in the country, you’d think Baltimorians would be lovin’ life, but this Maryland city comes in at #3 on the list of “Stressful Cities” in America!


    welcome to new orleans

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    Okay, not sure what any of the people in New Orleans have to be stressed out about with all the great music, food and of course Mardi Gras! But then again, what do we know…there must be a good reason as to why this party city ends up #3 on the list of “Stressful Cites” in America!



    [Aquir] via Getty Images

    This one we understand, with the unstable motor industry based out of Detroit, lack of jobs, the housing market and of course, all they have to cheer for are the Lions and Tigers…anybody would be stressed out in this major Midwest city! We get it and that’s why this city came in at #2!


    welcome to Cleveland

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    Although it’s ranked #1 on the list of “Most Stressful Cities”, Cleveland is one city that is turning itself around from The Flats, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, to The Flats on the river. However, they are still home to the Cleveland Browns and that can take it’s toll on fans…with that said, Cleveland, Ohio seems to be the “Most Stressful City” in American!