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Oh, I’m going there – because these are the surveys you REALLY want to see.

Now these could just actually be the countries most likely to LIE, but a new study ranked the size of men’s, umm, well –  “mini-me’s.” –  in 86 different countries around the world. American men ranked 59th with an average of 5.35 inches. Perhaps this is why we are second in sales of Porsches.

A men’s health company called From Mars supposedly used “Google data” to come up with the numbers, but that’s all I really know.  Here’s just the tip of what they found:

1.  Ecuador is first with an average of 6.93 inches. (insert “hmm” emoji here)  21 different countries clocked in at over six inches, including the top five:  Ecuador, Cameroon, Bolivia, Sudan, and Haiti.

2.  Coming in at 5.35 inches, the U.S. barely tops Japan at 5.34.  But we rank higher than the U.K., 5.17, and Ireland, 5.03.

3.  Head for the border(s)! Canada and Mexico both ranked higher than the U.S.  Mexico is 29th at 5.87 inches, and Canada is TWELFTH at 6.19 inches.

4.  And finally, LAST on the list is Cambodia at 3.95 inches.  Then it’s Taiwan, 4.24 . . . the Philippines, 4.27 . . . Sri Lanka, 4.29 . . . and Hong Kong, 4.41.

I truly don’t know what this all means, or why I’m even posting it. Maybe in case you’d like to travel the world as a “tester”  – or maybe just to remind men of the old adage: It truly is NOT the size of the boat!


  • Largest, and number one in size: Ecuador

    Equador is number one!

    View of two beaches on Bartolome Island in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

  • At the bottom of the list - Cambodia

    Last place - Cambodia

    Cambodia landmark – Angkor Wat with reflection in water

  • Canada makes a nice showing at number 12

    Canadaties for number 12

    A panoramic drone view of Vancouver downtown.

  • US Men come in at number 59??

    US men number 59