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CHEATING: The act of being unfaithful to a spouse or other partner. Engaging in sexual or romantic relations with a person other than one’s significant other, breaking a commitment or promise in the act. Well, The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this very topic up…again this morning!

Cheating is one of those things that everyone thinks they know the definition of, but ask a few people what they think cheating means and you’ll see it’s not as cut-and-dry as you thought. Most can agree that having sex with someone outside of your relationship is cheating – that’s about where the mutual understanding ends.

One of Carla’s best friends recently told her that her husband once said to her, “if you have too many drinks, and kiss some random guy, it’s ok. But don’t tell me about it.” Now, they’ve have been married for well over 20 years, and they are NOT that couple – but it was an interesting statement.

Cheating definitely has  different definitions for everyone, and that’s ok. We’re not here to judge. But you certainly have to be clear on you and your spouses/partners definition of cheating.

Now besides listeners texting in, calling in with their own opinions about stepping out on someone, The M&C Morning Show had their own thoughts on what constitutes “cheating”. On the other hand, thousands of people took an online poll on Buzzfeed, that asked if different things count as cheating, or not.

You can check out what those that were polled said and you can listen to the segment from this morning to get a first hand idea of how people feel about this hot topic! Either way, we all have our different thoughts on the subject, guess it just depends on who you are with at the time…so with that we say, “good luck”!

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  • Kissing someone on the cheek

    Affectionate girl kissing to her happy friend on the street in winter

    Does this count as cheating? Only 7% say yes. But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating. 3% even think it’s cheating when two actors have to kiss. Trust issues?

  • Scrolling through Tinder

    A young attractive man is looking for a couple in an online Dating app. Search for love on Internet. a man is looking for a guy. All screen graphics are made up

    You’re bored, but you’re not actually messaging anyone – just scrolling.  47% say yes, that’s cheating. If you DO message someone, 87% say it’s cheating.

  • Hugging someone

    Young crying woman seeking for solace and embracing her boyfriend with eyes closed.

    Very closely and very slowly? 14% think that’s cheating.

  • Sending "those" pictures

    Side view of sexy young woman in black lingerie making selfie using a smartphone and smiling while lying on bed

    Sending someone else revealing photos?  Yes, 94% say it’s without a doubt, cheating!

  • Giving someone a massage

    Picture of adult happy couple relaxing in spa salon

    22% say it’s cheating no matter the context. – no massages for anyone but spouse/partner. Unless it’s a professional.

  • Flirting

    Handsome man in glasses with bristle making advances to his charming colleague, lean with hand on flip-chart, white board, lovely couple speaking during freetime holding mug with tea in hands

    Flirting with that cute barista at Starbucks?  26% think it’s cheating.

  • You're "on a break" and...

    Unhappy woman holding wedding ring close up, upset girl crying, depressed with divorce, break up with boyfriend, broken engagement, feeling desperate, family split, bad relationships

    You hook up with someone else when you’re on a “break” – think Ross and Rachel on Friends. 32% say it’s cheating.  Another 35% think it’s a gray area, so it depends.

  • Telling someone "if things were different"...

    Young woman thinking and looking up, isolated on green studio background

    Telling someone, “I’d totally hook up with you if things were different, and I was single”?  35% say it’s cheating.

  • Sharing a bed

    Couple on bed laughing watching phone content

    Sharing a bed, but you don’t do anything?  Only 17% say it’s cheating.

  • Holding hands

    close up of two unrecognized women hands together, diversity, lesbian love concept.

    Holding hands with someone else?  28% say it’s cheating.  Another 42% say it depends.

  • Hanging out with an ex

    Jealous ex girlfriend spying on couple outdoors

    Hanging out with an ex – without telling your significant other?  Only 34% think that’s definitely cheating.  Surprised – thought that would be higher.

  • Watching "movies"

    young attractive and happy internet addict man networking concentrated late at night on bed with laptop computer in

    Watching porn? Yes, on your own. Only 8% say this is cheating.

  • Sliding into someone's DM's

    Girl trying to keep her internet data confidential typing password in secret

    Sliding into someone else’s DMs?  62% say it’s cheating. This was surprising. So many things seem to be worse, but so be it.

  • Doing it with someone else

    Infidelity Concept. Woman Catching Cheating Boyfriend Making Love With Another Girl In Their Bedroom At Home. Low Light

    Having sex with someone else?  Yeah – DEFINITIVE! 99% say it’s flat out wrong – and it is! 1% say that’s NOT cheating.

  • This one is just goofy - and testing everyone

    Medical vital signs monitor instrument in a hospital. This health care device displays and monitors heart rate and oxygen levels in hospital patients

    Your partner has been in a coma for months and might not wake up.  You sleep with someone.  Is that cheating?  41% say yes indeed – it is!

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