Although you may not have a Valentine for this upcoming weekend, you will always have pizza. Happy National Pizza Day to our listeners. This is the perfect holiday to buy yourself a whole pizza without feeling too guilty about it.

According to Ed Levine, the author of “Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion,” Americans consume nearly $33 billion worth of pizza annually. However, it wasn’t always like this. According to Dr. Michael Marino and Dr. Margaret Crocco, pizza became popular in post-Word War II when suburbanization transformed cities, fast-food and take-out options became readily available, and more women entered the workforce.

There are even case studies about the historical implications of pizza within America. Researchers say that pizza is connected with the history of immigration, cultural exchange and the growth of cities.

In pizza’s current day and age; there are endless selections of toppings, crust and “style.” Vegas is home to a microcosm of culinary delights, and pizza is no exception. Whether you enjoy Chicago, Detroit or New York pizza, Vegas has it all. This day will be filled with deals and specials to commemorate the flattened disc of tomato-pasted dough that we love. Here are five places that are offering a few deals for the true pizza connoisseur.