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Didn’t know if you realized this or not, but according to a recent poll published in an article from our friends at SWNS, the average person will make at least 122 decisions in one day! If you think of it, right off the bat, that number seems pretty high, but then again, as you think about it, it really isn’t…and BAM, there’s at least one decision right there!

On top of that, the average person will what they say “waffle” or change their mind on a decision at least 2 times during the process! So, if you think about that, you deciding to read on or not is yet another decision you have to make…keep chalking them up!

What are some of the most difficult decisions to make according to some? Going out with friends or just staying in? Or how many times have you thought about dinner and what to eat…for the entire week? See, that’s what we’re saying, you start adding these things up and maybe 122 decisions per day might be on the conservative side.

How about asking someone out? Where to go, what to do, how much to spend, was it a good date, bad date, will you ask them out again? All these start popping up and before you know it, your mind is a piece of mush!

In the article from SWNS, they included all the data from this poll and it seem quite logical that we might end up making twice as many decisions as the original number suggests!  Oh, one more to add to the list…when your alarm went off this morning, did you automatically think I might need to hit it one more time! See, that’s what were talking about. Now, all these have to do with our personal life, can you imagine if you factor in what you do at work? It’s mind boggling!


If you decide to scroll down, you can actually see the Top 5 most difficult decisions we make everyday…but only if you want to! Enjoy!



    [Motortion] via Getty Images

    One big decision we make everyday is whether to head off to the gym and get in that daily workout! Especially if you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape!


    What to buy

    [tommaso79] via Getty Images

    Just hopping on the computer and deciding what to buy or should I even buy it at all…add a couple of more decisions to that total!


    What to wear

    [globalmoments] via Getty Images

    As much as women go through this, so do guys! One more decision to add to the list!

  • #2 WHAT TO EAT

    What to eat

    [LightFieldStudios] via Getty Images

    Whether you go out for dinner or eating at home, this another tough decision we make on a daily basis! That’s why this “decision” comes in at #2!


    What to watch on tv

    [simpson33] via Getty Images

    This is truly the one we all go through multiple times a day…what to watch on TV! Maybe that’s why it comes in at #1 when it comes to decision-making…and there ya go!

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