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A new poll out for Father’s Day found 75% of us will celebrate this year, including 58% who plan to buy a present.  But the most popular gift involves FOOD. The top five Father’s Day gifts in 2022 are a special meal with family or friends . . . a gift card for dad . . . clothes . . . tools . . . and a greeting card.

A nice meal together is also the top thing dads WANT this year.  An experience is next, like tickets to a concert or sporting event.  Then it’s gift cards, gadgets, and tools.

However, The Mike & Carla Morning also delved into Dad’s “pet peeves” and came up with quite the list! As much as dear old Dad is cool, calm, and the “go to” guy when anyone in the family has a problem, it might be important to know what really bothers Dad!

Scroll down to the list below and see if your Dad has any of these “pet peeves”! (


    Dirty Dishes

    [Thomas Northcut] via Getty Images

    You wouldn’t think this would even make the Top 1o, but believe it or not, Dad’s just don’t like dirty dishes in the sink! That’s why it end up at #5 on the list of Pet Peeves for Dad!


    front door open

    [simplytheyu] via Getty Images

    Who’s hasn’t heard this from Dad? This had to be in the Top 5 when it came to Dad’s Pet Peeves, leaving the door open, “…what are we doin’ cooling the entire neighborhood?” That’s why “leaving the door open” had to come in at #4!


    Touching the thermostadt

    [Scukrov] via Getty Images

    This has to be considered to be #1 as well…what Dad hasn’t yelled at the kids for even thinking about touching the thermostat in the house? Since it’s not #1, at least it’s in the Top 3 when it comes to Dad’s Pet Peeves!


    kid changing the channel

    [LumineImages] via Getty Images

    We think this would have to be a “pet peeve” of a lot of people when watching TV! If there’s one thing that Dad’s demand on Father’s Day, it would be total control of the TV remote so no one can interrupt his show or game! That’s the main reason why this “pet peeve” came in at #2 on the list!


    lights on in the house

    [hikesterson] via Getty Images

    Well, here it is, the #1 “pet peeve” Dad has, so remember this come this weekend! Quit leaving all the lights on in the house, especially during the day! That is why this “pet peeve” is a great #1!