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Were you the “favorite child” in your family? It’s been said the most parents absolutely have a favorite child, but most *smart* parents won’t just tell you who that child is.

It could be the oldest, it could be the youngest – it probably isn’t the middle child, though. KIDDING! Well – now there’s supposedly a sneaky new way to get it out of your parents.

Over the past few months, there’s been a silly trend on TikTok (what – a silly trend on TikTok??), where kids log out of Netflix, and then they ask their parents for the password. If one of the kids’ names is in the password, they’re determined to be the “password child,” and their parents’ secret FAVORITE child!

There were some funny responses online:  One person said, “I’m an only child and I’m not even the password child.”  Another said, “My sister is the password child, but I’M the one who they come to when THEY forget the password.” And in the words of another: “Nothing hurts worse than getting replaced as password child by the dog.” Ouch!

Here’s the video that started it all.

Others said that they’re the password child for one of their parents but not the other.  And one person joked about their family being thrown into chaos when the password was: “TheAdopted1.” Ahh – you have to love parents with a sense of humor!

Now, if your parents’ password ISN’T a child’s name, and is 47 random characters, you won’t know who their favorite child is.  And you’ll become the least favorite child for logging them out, because now they have to reset their password, and they can’t remember their username either.  But on the plus side, your parents are far less likely to lose your inheritance by being hacked, that’s for sure!

On the flip side of it all, here’s how you know you are NOT the favorite child in the family…


  • They used the batteries from your smoke alarm for the remote.

    Favorite Child

    Highwaystarz-Photography via Getty Images

  • Their letters to you at summer camp started with "To Whom It May Concern."

    Favorite children

    Robert Daly via Getty Images

  • Your birthday presents were whatever your older siblings didn't want from their birthday presents

    Favorite children

    deniskomarov via Gettu Images

  • Instead of an expensive car seat, they put you on the hump between your older siblings

    Favorit Child

    Image Source via Getty Images

  • You asked for a puppy, you got a leash instead

    Favorite children

    JohnAlexandr via Getty Images

  • Dad tells you a bunch of terrible dad jokes. But you just needed $10 bucks.

    Favorite children

    fizkes via Getty Images

  • If your parents tell you they don't have a favorite child - it's not you!

    Favorite children

    Darrin Klimek via Getty Images

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