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The Artisan Hotel Boutique just made a huge announcement this morning. The quirky off-strip resort will soon undergo a huge multi million dollar renovation. During the makeover, the Artisan will become The Lexi Las Vegas. The first cannabis friendly hotel in Las Vegas.

According to their recent press release, The Lexi will have 64 rooms and offer “cannabis-friendly hospitality” (Fox5Vegas). The rooms will include suites and new guest rooms. The entire fourth floor of the new hotel will also be a special consideration. It will be completely cannabis-friendly in its design, including a state of the art air filtration system.

Elevation Hotels and Resorts is behind the Artisan‘s reincarnation. It is consider the brain child of the President and CEO of company, Alex Rizk. This is Rizk‘s second project of this kind. His first being The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rizk (pronounced Riz-ik) said this about his latest project:

The Lexi allows the Elevations Hotels and Resorts brand to truly showcase our commitment to creating a new type of hotel concept that is defined not only by our acceptance and normalization of cannabis in the hospitality space, but also by our dedication to reclaim storied properties and transform them for the modern-day travelers” (Fox5Vegas).

Las Vegas locals might be sad to see The Artisan go. It has been around since 1979 and has been the locale for many a crazy night for locals. Speaking from experience, those memories of the black and white movies on the TVs in the bar, the random chapel and other eclectic parts of The Artisan will always hold sweet memories.

So, as a local, it’s nice to know Rizk cares about the “reclaiming” part of the project. He’s not imploding it and rebuilding on the ashes, which we appreciate. Still, it will be interesting to see what, if any, of the original hotel he will keep alive.

The debut of The Lexi Las Vegas will be this spring. Here are a few of the cool things we can look forward to. Wendy Rush

  • Awesome Pool Area

    The Lexi Las Vegas renovation promises a modern, yet chic pool with cabanas and an outdoor bar. And of course, some of that boutique Artisan charm we love. It will also be one of Vegas’ only European-style pools.

  • Cajun-Style Eats

    Surf’n turf oxfilé med hummer

    This is Vegas. So, of course, The Lexi Las Vegas will have world-class food available. Executive Chef Jordan Savell (Hell’s Kitchen, Season 19) will lead a cajun-inspired steakhouse at the new resort.

  • Spring/Summer Pool Party Season

    group of friends young happy attractive men and women in bikini having bath at hotel resort swimming pool drinking beer bottle having fun smiling playful  in boys and girls summer party and holidays

    The debut of the new hotel this spring will kick off with a spring/summer pool season.

  • Chic Accommodations

    A young woman in a white dress lies in a chair in a dark room.

    The new Lexi Las Vegas website promises “Chic accommodations and lively nooks” that are “reimagined for open-ended revelry”. We don’t know exactly what that means yet, but it sounds like the charm of The Artisan will live on in a new way.

  • Edgy Elegance

    Edgy Elegance

    The new Lexi Las Vegas, also according to the new website, says edge will meet elegance in the new resort. And it would be a lot of fun (and very “Artisan”) if it looked something like this.

  • Membership Opportunities

    Man holds VIP member card. View from the top on the gentleman's hand that holds exclusive VIP membership card next to the wooden table with whisky in carafe and glass with cigars.

    Rizk says that The Lexi Las Vegas will offer Elevations Nation membership clubs, with a personalized guest experience for members. The Elevations Nation club, according to their membership website, is “a community of individuals with a wanderlust mindset, cannabis enthusiasm, and taste for new experiences.” And members of the club can enjoy “sophisticated consumption venues, inclusive events, wellness activities, and more” (elevationsnation.com).

  • Walk-Up Cafe In The Hotel

    Smiling middle-aged man in formal wear sitting in the bar and drinking his morning coffee.

    The press release from PR Newswire lists a walk-up cafe in the new Lexi Las Vegas. They’ll also offer special cocktails. All surrounded by a new lobby with high ceilings and a water feature.

  • Live Entertainment

    The musicians were playing rock music on stage, there was an audience full of people watching the concert. Concert,mini concert and music festivals.

    The new Lexi Las Vegas will have live entertainment. In addition to entertainment concepts of the smaller, more intimate variety.