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When it comes to being a proud American, do you feel you’re “average” or “below average?” 

Someone gathered stats of random things the “average” American does, then they polled people on BuzzFeed, so they could compare their answers. Eight different things were listed for them to vote on.

Now before we get to the eight things to see if you’re an above or below average American, we should probably define what “average” is. According to Google, the average American is considered social class. They’re referred to as being either a member of the middle or working class. And now that we’ve established this, it probably doesn’t pertain to these eight things that would define an average or below average American! So if you worried a little bit, you’ll be just fine!

We just want to make it clear that even if you do a lot of these things or don’t, there’s nothing wrong with being above or below average! You keep doing you. These results just show where you would rank amongst Americans.

We have more on this story in today’s edition of a Few Things You Should Know!

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  • Average American Eats 46 Slices Of Pizza A Year

    If you eat 46 slices of pizza a year, you’re definitely considered average! If you break it down, it’s about four slices a month. 75% of those polled said they eat less pizza than that, making them below average!

    Eating Pizza

    Paul Hawthorne via Getty Images

  • Read 12 to 13 Books A Year

    If you read 12 to 13 books a year, you’re considered average. Although 47% say they read more books than that! So basically half of Americans are reading more than one book a month!

    Reading On Beach

    Bruce Bennett via Getty Images


  • Eat 12.7 Pounds of Ice Cream

    This one seems kind of hard. Yet we all know how much ice cream is loved by Americans! If you break it down, that’s about a pint of ice cream a month. When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem that much. 91% of people said they eat less.

    Eating Ice Cream

    Matt Cardy via Getty Images

  • Gets Only Two Pieces of Actual Mail a Month

    This does not count bills, junk mail, and packages. The average person only gets two a month. 60% say they don’t get that much!

    Mail box

    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

  • Spend 51 Minutes Driving Per Day

    If you spend 51 minutes per day driving, you’re considered average. But that also means you drive a lot because 76% of people polled said they don’t even drive that much.

    Driving On Bridge

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

  • Spends About $438 a Month For Groceries

    The average American spends about $438 a month on groceries. 46% said they spend more while about 54% said they spend less.

    Grocery Shopping

    Mario Tama via Getty Images

  • Uses The Bathroom Seven Times A Day

    This may seem a lot but if you actually count, it may be more, making you above average. 41% say they actually go MORE than that.


  • Watch 1,500 Hours of TV a Year

    If broken down, that’s about four hours a day. The results were split on this. 45% say they watch more than that, which is believable when you binge watch shows. 55% said they watch less than that a year.

    Watching TV

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