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Video wall at Insomnia Room at Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas
Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas is a must for anyone who lives in Las Vegas, or is just visiting – and wants to dream.

Fantasy Lab Is about Seven Dreams:

The Fantasy Lab concept revolves around seven rooms, representing dreams, in which you spend about ten minutes each: Labyrinth, circus, stars, insomnia, nightmare, kaleidoscope, enlightenment.

What is it? Short answer: It’s a really cool, colorful, sensory dream experience at the Fashion Show Mall, on the strip in Las Vegas. Longer answer – well, just go through it.
While you are waiting for your dream journey to begin, there is a large lounge to hang out in, with free old school games (like connect four) on each table to play.
There are also really unusual works of art, and video images and pictures, that are constantly changing every time you turn around.

Oh, It’s Immersive:

It’s a very cool, and yes – immersive – concept. That is what Las Vegas is all about these days, but Fantasy Lab seems much more so, because the rooms are not huge, and there is a closeness that makes everything seem more real, and enveloping.
The rooms are colorful, fast-moving, trippy, soothing, dark, relaxing, and very surreal. Some are a little unnerving, and some are just plain surreal, and relaxing – and will make you think a little bit. In a cool way.
I actually got a little emotional in a couple of them, because they get in your head. They are, after all, dreams.

Cocktails and Great Service:

The ultra cool bar has deliciously fun drinks, named after the rooms you will be enjoying. And also some great food, some of which is vegetarian, and vegan friendly.
The staff was super friendly, which is always nice, and really helpful and informative. You go in with a group of about 15 people, tops. If people are too chatty, just shush them like I did, so it doesn’t hinder your experience.
It’s quite an experience, and something very different. It doesn’t take too long to go through, and you will definitely talk about it afterwards.
If you live in Las Vegas, or you’re just visiting, check out Fantasy Lab at Fashion Show Mall. It’s unique, colorful, and quite a trip. Well worth the ticket price of $38 (for locals).,-115.1700139,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x80c8c5ce584e37c1:0x62bca28d78f0046b!8m2!3d36.1273563!4d-115.1700139!16s%2Fg%2F11rlbmvyfq?entry=tts&shorturl=1

  • Life is full of dreams

    One of the neon signs that welcomes you to Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas’ Fashion show Mall. Seven rooms demonstrate dreams – good and odd – that we have when we sleep.

    Colorful Neon "It's All a Dream" sign

  • It's ok to be weird

    Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas has all sorts of cool neon signs, reminding us to be ourselves. Everyone is a little weird, so why not embrace it, and let your freak flag fly.

    Neon "Stay Weird" sign

  • Insomnia

    Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas has a room that represents insomnia, and how you might feel if you’re an insomniac. It’s full of color, clocks that you are probably either trying to beat, and constant movement.

    Brightly neon colored fireplace and picture

  • A giraffe?

    Why a giraffe? I don’t really know. But again, it’s all a part of the insomnia room. If you’ve dealt with lack of sleep, you see a lot of things that aren’t necessarily there. Perhaps even giraffes.

    Big friendly Giraffe statue with big eyes

  • Dream time

    Shhh… it’s time. We all dream in very different ways. Funny, strange, colorful, fuzzy, good – and sometimes bad. So lay your head down, and dream. Don’t be afraid.

    Neon sign that says "Shhh... time to dream"

  • Dripping clock

    The artwork at Fantasy Lab Las Vegas is different and colorful, everywhere you turn. From sculptures, to furniture, to video pictures that change after every glance.

    Melting Clock sculpture

  • Motivational etchings fill a room

    “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Something to try, but something that is also hard to do. So don’t be afraid, to be afraid! Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

    Etched Glass panels

  • The future...

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” As you walk through this room, the colors are constantly changing on the etched glass. It a really cool feeling, and very motivating to read these quotes.

    Etched Glass panels

  • It might not be easy...

    “It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.”  As you turn every corner there is a new and different saying at Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas. It’s truly a room full of colorful inspiration. And who isn’t in need of that?

    Etched Glass panels

  • Wocka, Wocka, Wocka...

    As you begin your dream adventure, there is a Pac-Man wall. It’s awesome! Along the wall are modern vintage games: Galaga, video pinball, and more.

    Giant Pac-Man Wall

  • Dripping lights

    Probably my favorite room at Fantasy Lab – the Kaleidoscope room. Color, and motion, and music like you have never seen, or heard. It completely engulfs you, and it’s a really cool feeling.

    Dripping colors in lights

  • Video artwork

    There is a lot of art hanging at Fantasy Lab – but it’s never the same because much of it is video, and it changes every couple minutes. So you’re constantly saying, “wait a minute…”

    Mid Century Modern Video Art

  • Shot out of a cannon

    In the Circus Room at Fantasy Lab you can play with light up hula hoops, carousel horses, (fake) barbells, and be shot from a  (fake) cannon. Probably my least favorite room – might have something to with clowns –  but a lot of fun nonetheless.

    Carla Rea in cannon

  • A video look at what Insomnia might feel like

    Video of Insomnia Room at Fantasy Lab in Las Vegas. The walls play various videos that are colorful representations of what an insomnia might feel.

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