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With everything that Las Vegas has to offer, where does it rank when it come to “foodie” appeal? That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show talked about this morning and you might be a little shocked (SHOCKED) when you find out where we rank with other big cities!

A new study published by Wallethub looked at 182 U.S. cities and ranked them based on was tabbed as their  “foodie” appeal. They weighed 29 different factors, including the cost of restaurants and groceries . . . the number, diversity, and quality of gourmet options . . . and the local food, including food trucks and farmer’s markets.

Once again, cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles not even able to crack the Top 10, but place respectfully, however, it was Pearl City, Hawaii that was the least “foodie” city in America! Other cities that came in near the bottom of the barrel, Montgomery, Alabama, Moreno Valley California, Shreveport, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi!

Now considering all the restaurants in Las Vegas up and down the strips that generate a five star rating and those establishments off the strip that locals tend to favor, sorry to say that Las Vegas was not even in the Top 5!

Pretty amazing for a city like ours NOT to be considered a “foodie” favorite when it comes to big cities in the country, considering our diversity, cultures and all the different type restaurants available here! However, we shouldn’t feel that bad since a few other cities that you would think ranked higher didn’t make the Top 5 as well…cities like Seattle, Tampa…even San Diego didn’t make the cut!

So what major metro areas made it into the Top 5, scroll down and check it out…and you can also see where Las Vegas is ranked! Just one of the things that came up this morning in The M&C’s segment we like to call, “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”!

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    Austin, Texas Foodie

    Aquir via Getty Images

    Well, known for their “live” music, bars, and now food, this Texas town makes the cut and comes in at #5 on the list of those cities with “foodie” appeal in the U.S.




    Aquir via Getty Images

    Got to be honest, a little surprised that San Francisco didn’t come in a little higher that #4 as a city known to have “foodie” appeal. With all that this northern California city has to offer to locals and tourists alike, you would’ve thought right? Well, guess again…



    Aquir via Getty Images

    Considering that this Florida party place has a lot going on with South Beach, it’s no wonder Miami cracks the Top 3 cities with “foodie” appeal! If you’ve ever been to Miami, then you already know…this city has a lot to offer those looking for a diverse menu when it comes to food! Whether it be a restaurant or a foodie truck on the side of the road…that’s why Miami comes in at #3 on the list!



    Aquir via Getty Images

    Another Florida city that offers up a lot when it comes to “food” in the “Sunshine” State! Orlando, with Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, also caters to those looking for a cross section of food when it comes to taste…maybe that’s why it’s #2 on the list?



    Aquir via Getty Images

    This has to be the biggest surprise on the entire list! Portland, Oregon…known for a lot of things, but food? Well guess what? This northwest city keeps it weird just enough to when the day is over or you have plans for the weekend, there are quite a few places to choose from and evidently the price is just right! Portland, Oregon is #1 when it comes to “foodie” appeal!



    Aquir via Getty Imges

    Okay, so here it is…LAS VEGAS actually cracks the Top 10 and comes in at #9 on the list of cities with the most “foodie” appeal! Again, with all the different restaurants on the strip, downtown and on Main Street…not too mention, off the strip, you’d think we’d rank a little higher!