When you’re asked for your blood type, could you tell whoever is asking for certain what it is?

A new survey was done and believe it or not, fifty-one percent of Americans know their blood type. That means a whopping forty-nine percent don’t know their blood type!

Next question asked, what is your horoscope sign? Sixty-six percent of Americans know their horoscope sign! Think it’s safe to say that if you were in a life or death emergency and asked what you blood type was, you’d be in a tough situation! And telling them your horoscope sign won’t save you either.

If you’re going into surgery or have a procedure, then the doctors will order a test to find out what your blood type is, but it’s not something you can just call your doctor and ask.

Now this survey also asked who they get their health advice from and sadly twenty-two percent of the people said “social media influencers!” Probably something you shouldn’t do either. Especially since the “social media influencers” don’t know your blood type!

We have more on this story and more in today’s Editions of a Few Things You Should Know!






  • Fifty-One Percent Of Americans Know Their Blood Type

    You would think more would know what their blood type is but just a little more than half of Americans know it and it should be A LOT MORE!


  • Sixty-Six Percent Of Americans Know Their Horoscope

    Not knowing your blood type could be a matter of life or death. So you’d think that percent would be higher. As stated above, that is clear not the case. That’s why when asked what their horoscope sign is, sixty-six percent knew it! A whole fifteen percent more! And like I mentioned, knowing your horoscope will NOT potentially save your life. But if they want to know who their compatible with, then they’re in luck!


  • How To Find Your Blood Type Or Even Horoscope

    It’s obvious that knowing your horoscope is based off of your date of birth. But your blood type? How do you figure it out? You need call your doctor and have blood work done. When you get your blood word, your doctor will put in a request to know blood type. Then they’ll have it on file for whenever you call for it. There are instances where you go for a procedure and your blood type is tested to know what blood is needed in case of an emergency.

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  • Twenty-Two Percent of Americans Get Health Care Advice From "Social Media Influencers"

    It’s sad that this is even a thing, but let’s STOP! “Social media influencers” shouldn’t be your main source of medical advice. There are a bunch medical professionals on social media giving advice, but it’s still best to get your info from your doctor directly!


  • Sixty-Three Percent Got The Healthcare Provider Right But

    Sixty-three percent said they actually do get health care information from their health care provider, which is exactly who they should get it from. Sadly fifty-two percent are still using the internet!