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It’s a question that a lot of people will debate…do you really need to keep peanut butter in the fridge? Some people will tell you that they do and, of course others will say “no way!” To The Mike & Carla Morning Show, it seems a bit odd since keeping it cold makes it hard to spread! But to others, they will tell you that it keeps in fresher, longer. And here we thought peanut butter lasted forever?

But there are other food items that people tend to keep in the fridge where they really don’t have to. For example 77% of those surveyed by Buzzfeed said that they keep butter in the fridge. So 23% keep their butter dish out and ready to go. Now we understand, that makes it just as easy to spread, but does it last as long?

Another weird trend that came out in this survey is that 12% keep chocolate in the fridge. We get that, in fact a nice cold Snickers bar or those mint cookies sold by the Girl Scouts always taste a bit better cold. But for you, is that something you put in the pantry or the fridge.

Once again we find ourselves going with our personal preference. How many people actually keep bread in the fridge? Again, a personal preference. While most said in the pantry, 13% of those surveyed said they keep it cool in the fridge.

Apples, soy sauce and apples…all in the fridge. On the other hand onions are kept best in the pantry, although 24% said they do keep them in the ice box! We guess that it can go back and forth all day long. But at what age do you start putting batteries in the freezer? That is a totally different conversation for another day. So as we debate, scroll down below to see the Top 5 food items that people do keep in the refrigerator.

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  • #5 MUSTARD

    We’re really on the fence about this, because it can be kept either way, but most will tell you that they keep it in the fridge. Coming in at #5 on the list of food items you need to keep cool.

    Mustard in the fridge

    bhofack2 via Getty Images

  • #4 PICKLES

    We think this is a no brainer…you have to keep pickles in the fridge right? Despite the fact that 11% said the panty is fine, we say ya gotta keep ’em chilled! #4 on the list with good reason!

    Pickles in the fridge

    merc67 via Getty Image

  • #3 PESTO

    Not sure we’re all in on the PESTO, but we do believe this might be the smart choice to keep in a fridge. So with that said, even though 10% said the pantry, we’re gonna side with the 90%! Pesto comes in at #3 on the list!

    Pesto in the fridge

    Louno_M via Getty Images

  • #2 EGGS

    While we all thought it was just common knowledge to keep eggs in the fridge, come to find out that 10% of those surveyed actually keep them in the pantry. In fact, in other countries, it’s customary to do so. But it the U.S. we are fine putting them in the fridge once we come home from the store!

    Eggs in the Fridge

    krblokhin via Getty Image


    It’s one of the those food items that is on the shelf at the store, but once you open it and use it, it goes in the fridge until the next time you need to spread it on a sandwich. There is proof in the mayo since only 2% think it’s okay to keep in the pantry. #1 on the list of food items to keep in the refridgerator…so there ya go!

    Mayo in the fridge

    Oleksandr Todorov via Getty Images