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If you have been thinking lately about going to college, now is a great time. CSN, the College of Southern Nevada, just started their spring semester and enrollment closes soon. Classes started this week but new students can enroll through January 23, 2023. Besides being a more financially sound option than others for college, CSN is giving Clark County even more reasons to attend this year.

James McCoy is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the College of Southern Nevada. He was recently a guest on Talking Solutions. James shared a lot of those reasons with host Wendy Rush. CSN is Nevada’s largest higher education institution. But that doesn’t mean it comes with the largest price tag. CSN is very competitive in their tuition costs. Plus they offer a myriad of financial aid options to students. James goes into detail about these options in the interview.

CSN offers more than 180 different degrees and certifications in over 70 academic programs. Many of these programs are available entirely online or in person. In addition to the traditional two year degrees, the college also offers 15 bachelor’s degrees.

James explained how these bachelor’s degrees are in specialized fields. Fields specific to the industry demands here in southern Nevada. CSN is working with local industries and businesses to produce graduates in the fields that are needed here in our community. And this is one of many ways that College of Southern Nevada focuses on the value of community. James goes into detail with Wendy about other ways the college prides itself on being an institution of inclusion.

Popular classes fill up quickly, so James encourages people to enroll now before they are gone. Those interested and not yet admitted can apply at Enrollment closes at the end of this week.

Original Air Date of this podcast was January 15, 2023.

Here’s a recap of why CSN is a great option for those looking to go to college.

  • 1. Lots of Financial Aid Options

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    More than two thirds of college students at CSN receive financial aid. This includes grants, loans and scholarships. The college encourages all who are eligible to apply for aid. More info can be found at

  • 2. Virtual Learning

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    Many of CSN‘s 180 degree options are available entirely online. Others are available via a hybrid option. So you can choose when you want to go to class and when you want to stay home and learn from your computer.

  • 3. Unique Options For Non-Traditional Students

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    If you’re an older student, single mom, or have a work schedule that’s not normal, CSN has classes for you. Check out their options for night and weekend courses. Plus some of their classes go in 8-week cycles versus the traditional semester. So getting those classes in can be easier than you think.

  • 4. The 2+2 Arrangement

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    CSN works with Nevada universities like UNLV, Nevada State College and UNR to offer courses identical to what students would need for their four-year degree. So students can do their associates degree at CSN for much less cost and then transfer to a university and start their bachelor’s program as a junior. CSN also has similar agreements with universities outside of the state.

  • 5. Diversity

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    The students and faculty at CSN are diverse in their age group, nationality and race. CSN prides itself on being a diverse campus so everyone feels seen and represented.

  • 6. Degrees That Are Unique To CSN

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    CSN offers bachelor’s degree in tourism, event planning, project management, dental hygiene, environmental science, American Sign Language, and others that were introduced because they aren’t available at other institutions in our state.

  • 7. Degrees That Are Needed In Las Vegas

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    CSN builds their curriculum to align with what Las Vegas needs in their future workforces. The college prides itself on making sure their graduates are employable right here in Clark County. They get input from their business and industry partners to inform their curriculum so they can include the right licensure and certifications for their students to get hired.

    Some of the newest degrees are Advanced Manufacturing (Robotics), Environmental Management (two pathways), and Theater Tech (with a quicker curriculum than usual to get students into the workforce more quickly).

  • 8. Affordability

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    Starting with a two-year college and then transferring to a university for your bachelor’s degree saves thousands of dollars in tuition fees. And CSN prides itself on being the most affordable option for college in Southern Nevada with the lowest tuition rates in the state.

  • 9. Smaller Classes Means A More Personalized Experience

    Smiling female lecturer helping student during her class. Student in a lecture with helpful teacher.

    Unlike many other colleges with huge auditoriums, CSN classes are typically one teacher to 20 students. Teachers at CSN know their students and their stories and are available for students when they need them.

  • 10. Tons Of Locations

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    CSN has campuses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, one coming soon in Northwest Las Vegas. They also have centers in Mesquite, Moapa, Nellis Air Force Base, Summerlin, Green Valley, Sahara West, and more.