I'll bet you didn't know that...

It’s time for my weekly, “Hey, I’ll bet you didn’t know that…” trivia!

A few fun, interesting, and useless facts to have in your back pocket to impress the kids, to one up your boss, to be a pompous ass at parties, or to just know – a la Cliff Clavin. (Kids, google him).

As most of you probably already know by now, I love useless information. That’s probably very evident by the deep conversations we have on the Mike and Carla Morning Show.

Knowledge, and is seen as “attractive,” and people who show their knowledge of random facts to others are often thought of as intelligent. So you’ll appear to be much smarter if you throw one of these out. Not to mention, they are great conversation starters. Worst scenario – you’ll some  funny looks, and you probably won’t have to talk to that person for too long.

These are the kind of useless facts that will help you beat your know it all family member at Trivial Pursuit, or maybe just win a free pitcher of Coors at trivia night at your favorite bar.

Brains are sexy. Don’t you wish everyone had one!

Here you go!

  • The different apron colors at Starbucks mean different things.

    The standard one is the green apron. A black apron is given to long-time team members who have earned the coveted “Coffee Master” designation. Red and orange aprons have been worn for various holidays. The rarest apron is purple.  These are for “Barista Champions,” and only 26 employees are granted the honor each year.


  • More than five billion phones will be thrown away in 2022

    That’s more than enough to stretch all the way around the equator!

    Cell phones

  • The city with the most strip clubs

    No, it is NOT Las Vegas. Portland, Oregon has the most strip clubs per capita in the U.S. with one for every 11,300 or so residents.  Tampa, Florida is second.



  • When Sudoku became popular in 2006, and sales of these went up

    Sales of pencils went up 700%! Yes, it’s best yo use a pencil – with an eraser – when doing Sudoku.


  • The New Mexico state Senate passed a bill in the '90s that required psychologists to do this

    They made it law that psychologists wear wizard’s hats when they testified in court.  Yeah, that’s not weird…