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Just follow the signs...

Took a fun, unique little hike this past weekend with my besties. It’s called Rubber Ducky Trail.  It’s a nice out and back – or longer, depending on how you decide to explore it –  that can be enjoyed by most ages and fitness types.

The story is that there was a branch of this Joshua tree that overhung the trail used by mountain bikers.  Someone hung a rubber ducky from the branch (which is no longer there) to remind bikers to “duck!”  Since then, visitors from all over have brought rubber duckies to hang from the tree.

To access the hike, park at the Late Night Trailhead off of SR 160 on the way to Pahrump.  You’ll start the hike to the rubber ducky tree on the trail that is to the right of the sign about the Old Spanish Trail.  Follow it you get to a dirt road (about half a mile), cross the road, and follow the trail on the other side of the road.  Soon you’ll see signs that point to the Rubber Ducky trail so just follow those until you get to the tree.

Make it fun and bring a small rubber ducky with you to leave behind. Write the date, and something witty, on it!

Getting to the tree is only about a mile – so 2 miles round trip. But we spent more time on the trail,  which I suggest doing, because there are amazing views of Red Rock canyon that you’ll get the farther along you go.

By the way, this is very popular with mountain bikers. They are very aware of hikers, so try to be aware of them as well.

In my opinion – the happiest hike in Las Vegas!


  • Rubber Ducky Trail, Las Vegas

    Rubber Ducky Trail - Which way?

    Rubber Ducky Trail – Which way?

  • Rubber Ducky Trail. We found it! Bring one of your own to leave behind!

    We found it!

  • So many unique ducks - make sure you take a minute to look through them!

  • An imposter! A rubber chicken on the ducky tree?

    Rubber chicken

    Rubber chicken

  • The album cover! We always take an album cover photo. You know - for the album we'll never release...