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It’s Graduation time in Las Vegas, and the rest of Nevada. Time to move forward, and look back on wht will be some of the best – and simplest –  times of your life.

Ten, twenty, thirty years down the road it will still seem like yesterday that you wore that outfit, and that hairstyle, and dated THAT person!

So here we go! No judgement, as I walk down memory lane, with a few photos from my Reno High School Year book.

By the way – CLASS OF 2022, GRADUATE!


-Carla Rea

  • Carla Rea'a Senior Yearbook

    Carla's Senior Yearbook

    Time goes by way too fast!

  • Carla's Senior Picture

    Carla - Senior picture

    It wasn’t called a boa, it was called a “fluff.” Don’t ask…  But how about that hair!

  • Carla Rea - Student Council

    Carla on Student Council

    Student Council! We made all the important decisions: What dance theme? Bagels or hard rolls in the cafeteria?  What day will pajama day be?

  • Career choices?

    Career choices?

    Although most of us went on to college, this was a picture to show the career choices out there. Side note: It was SO hot the day we took this picture. We were sweltering in those turnouts!

  • Yearbook signings

    Yearbook words of wisdom

    One of my fellow Art classmates. Yes, there were nicknames…

  • Yearbook signings

    Yearbook signings

    Julie was the party queen back then! “Brewin?” We were 18!!!

  • Carla Rea - Class Clown

    Carla Rea - Class Clown

    Class Clown! Who knew I would make a career out of it? I’m very lucky!!