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The dock at MTV's Spring Break 2001 in Cancun, Mexico, which airs March 23-25. 3/14/01 Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect.*** Exclusive ***

The Clark County School District is on Spring Break this week, so we’ll be checking out some of the biggest Spring Break Party Jams of the 80s on the Top 3 at 7 Countdown!

Spring Break Party

  • Spring Break 1985

    In 1985, Madonna was ruling the pop charts with her second studio album Like A Virgin, and the second single released from the album.

  • Spring Break 1986

    David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985 to start his solo career, so the band turned to Sammy Hagar to take over lead vocals.  The first single from 5150 was rockin’ the charts in ’86!

  • Spring Break 1987

    The fourth single released from Invisible Touch, the best-selling studio album from Genesis, was huge during Spring Break ’87, and would go on to be featured in a Michelob Beer television ad.

  • Spring Break 1988

    The Australian band INXS and their charismatic lead singer Michael Hutchence broke through in the USA in a big way with their Kick.  The second single released from the album was rockin’ up the charts during Spring Break ’88!

  • Spring Break 1989

    Everyone knows that ABBA is the best-selling recording act from Sweden.  Which group claims the runner-up spot?  That honor belongs to Roxette, whose debut single in the USA had partiers dancing during Spring Break ’89!


    Have a great time during Spring Break 2022!  You deserve it after all we’ve been through the past few years.