To say you’re completely calm while driving everyday is probably not one-hundred percent true. We hall have that one thing that bothers us while we drive. You and I also think we’re the best drivers out there and we probably don’t irritate other drivers on the road. The truth is, we’re not! Everyone has at least one pet peeve that just irks you while you’re on the road.

Online, people are mentioning their biggest pet peeves and the the term “NICEHOLES” is being tossed around. Basically it’s people who think they’re “nice” but actually dangerous on the roads.

Examples included people who are “Nice’ people who stop in the middle of the roundabout to allow others to enter.” Or, “Stopping on a road randomly to let someone in oncoming traffic turn in front of them.” Or, what about “Waving people through a four-way stop when it’s really you turn to go through it!”

These are just a few examples of what would cause people to get upset when driving. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driving pet peeves!

If you don’t follow the rules of the road, it can be dangerous to other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even yourself. On person even said, “Don’t be polite…be predictable” which is probably the best advice when on the road!

We have more on this story and more in today’s edition of a Few Things You Should Know!

Here’s a list of the top five pet peeves people mentioned while driving!








  • People Holding Up Traffic Trying To Make An Impossible Turn

    The number one pet peeve when driving…when people hold up everyone by trying to make a left turn at a time where it’s nearly impossible to make. Or to make the matter worse, there’s a sign that say’s “Right Turn Only!” This drives people crazy! And understandably so!

    Right Turn Sign

  • Drivers Who Jump Out From A Side Street Or Parking Lot

    Those drivers who just dart out of nowhere from a side street or parking lot. Those people are not only a pet peeve, their the ones who cause accidents if they’re not paying attention. What makes people more furious is when they cut you off, then drive way slower than you were driving! Fuel to the fire!

    Irritated Driver

  • People Pulling Out In Front Of You

    Just a random driving pulling out in front of you can already be a pet peeve, but what makes it more of a peeve is when someone pulls out in front of you, when there’s a HUGE gap behind you. There’s not traffic behind you, yet that person felt the need to pull out in front of you and cut you off! That is the third pet peeve!

    Traffic Cut Off

    Drew Angerer  via Getty Images

  • Left Lane Drivers Who Inch Up When You Do In The Right Lane

    This is a huge pet peeve for a lot of people because you’re in the right lane inching up to see around the car in the left lane, to make a legal right turn. When they inch up, it stops you from seeing around them. JUST STAY PUT!

    Traffic Lanes

    Scott Olson  via Getty Images

  • Not Accelerating Up The On-Ramp

    When you’re going up an on-ramp, the last thing you want is someone who is driving slow! You’re going up an incline, which means you need to accelerate more to get up the incline or hill. People online said this is a peeve of theirs because it backs up tracking behind you. Do you agree with this one?


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