If you haven’t had Korean barbecue, we’re here to change your life.

What exactly is Korean barbecue you may ask? Let us tell you.

It’s decadent, filling and packed with delicious side dishes called banchan.

Korean barbecue is essentially a collective experience, according to SeriousEats.com. It requires teamwork among the table, and the portions are usually large.

The main event of this feast is, of course, the meat. Many Korean barbecue eateries have menus with different cuts of beef, pork, chicken and grilled vegetables. You can choose from brisket, marinated pork belly, ribeye and so much more!

The server will usually take your order, flick on your tabletop grill and come back pushing a cart of your selected meat. Depending on the restaurant you eat at (and your skill level of cooking), you will be doing the majority of the cooking! But if you’re a newbie to the world of Kbbq then have no fear. The servers and workers at Korean barbecue establishments are always happy to help and to teach.

As the meat caramelizes, chars and cooks on the grill, you can use lettuce wraps and rice to eat along the meat. And you simply can’t forget the dipping sauces that include sesame seed oil seasoned with salt and pepper, spicy soybean paste and other savory, umami-like sauces.

The side dishes, called banchan, are the perfect accompaniment to the hearty meat. Kimchi, pickled cucumbers, marinated soybeans, spinach salad, eggplants are just a few out of the many side dishes that are included in the meal. These side dishes vary depending on which restaurant you choose. However, banchan should always be served with a warm bowl of rice.

In Las Vegas, there are no shortages of great Korean barbecue spots you can eat at. And another great highlight of the Kbbq scene in Vegas, many places are “all you can eat!”

All-you-can-eat Korean barbecue places usually have a set price per person. This price allows you to order anything on the menu. However, there are usually time limits at these places and a fee if you leave a good amount of leftovers — so don’t over order!

Here are some of the best places in Las Vegas for Korean barbecue! Check out the list below.

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