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You can now hear Michael Jackson’s personal demo of his hit song “Beat It”! The other morning when we found out that there’s going to be a documentary about the making of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album,  The Mike & Carla Morning Show decided to share some audio of Michael’s personal demo of his song “Beat It” from that album!

It’s a cappella, and Michael, being Michael Jackson, impressively sings all the instrumental parts AND the vocals. Keep in mind that MJ really didn’t play any instruments, he did play a little piano, otherwise, he would have imagine all the parts for a song in his head, including horn and string sections. With that said, he would record the parts one at a time and then mix them together so other people could listen and work out the arrangements.

Now this is nothing new considering there are a lot of artist who don’t know how to chart or write music, but when you listen to this version of “Beat It”, you get the idea of what he went through with every song he’s credited for writing!

With the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the album “Thriller”, it’s one of the biggest selling albums of all time! Seven singles were released from the album and they all reached the Top 10 on the Billboard charts…however, with that said, only two songs went to #1! “Beat It” and the title track of the album “Thriller”!

Truly a remarkable album, released in 1982, by the end 1983 it had already sold over 32 million copies. It took 8 months to record and a record setting audience ended up watching the debut of the “Thriller” video itself when it aired on MTV back in December of 1983.

On the other hand, the song “Beat It” released in 1982 and won a Grammy for “Record of the Year” and “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance” in 1984! So, listen to the a cappella demo of this huge hit from the King of Pop keeping in the back of your mind just how big this song really was….and you can scroll down to check out M&C’s 5 favorite videos from MJ!!

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