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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

a couple of guys that are totally bored at a concert

You might be a bit surprised by a list of bands that are not good, not bad…but some would say are just boring! A list of bands that some consider to be their favorites all made the list. The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought it up and were kind of SHOCKED (shocked).

This is all a result of a survey done on Reddit and put out for all to see. You might be a bit surprised yourself as to some of the comments made. We’re talking bands that have made their mark in music and some even in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame!

Seriously? These Bands Are Boring?

Before you see who made it into the Top 5, know that bands like the Eagles, U2 and Bon Jovi all made the list. Each of those bands were just outside the Top 10, but boring enough to make the list.  One comment made on the survey about the Eagles, “…The Bud Light of rock!” One comment about U2 in the survey, “…Their 80s output rules. It’s the newer stuff that’s boring”.

Now, some might consider this blasphemy, especially “Swifties”, but Taylor Swift was considered just boring enough to crack the Top 10! Said one participant in the survey, “…She’s impressive professionally, very talented, but her stuff is do dull!” All these comments made in this survey of bands that you would agree are not great or that bad, just boring!

On the flipside, a band like Nickleback, who gets joked about all the time…no where on the list! Now we get it’s all a personal preference and we all have our own likes and dislikes. We all have our opinions as well. And don’t think it was just bands from the 70s and 80s named during this survey. That’s why we think you might be a little surprised by the Top 5. It was all a part of a discussion this morning on The M&C Morning Show.

You know what? Listen to the segment from this morning, then scroll down to see the Top 5…and enjoy!

Top 5 Artists/Bands That Are Boring!

  • #5 DRAKE

    Most fans will tell you Drake is great in concert, but others have decided he’s boring. On the list he comes in at #5…not good, not bad…just boring!

    Drake on stage in Long Beach, California

  • #4. KISS

    Hard to believe, but some fans still love KISS! But one music lover in the survey stated, “Their presence was silly, I just don’t get it!” Well, maybe a few other don’t either. With that, the band KISS is #4 on the list!

    KISS after performing a couple of songs on a radio show

  • #3. MAROON 5

    They were just here in Las Vegas and sold out. However, in this survey, music lovers will tell you they’re not good, not bad…just boring. Enough so that they came in at #3 on the list!

    Adam Levine performing with Maroon 5 at halftime at a football game


    One of those performers everyone loves, but when it gets right down to it, is Ed Sheeran that exciting? According to the survey on Reddit, not so much. In fact, he comes in at #2 on the list!

    ed Sheeran on stage performing for an audience


    Got nothing but love for our home town heavy metal band, Five Finger Death Punch! From Las Vegas, they always put on a show, but some feel a bit differently about the band. As we stated in the post above, one person nailed them and said, “….they’re the Nickleback of heavy metal!” Easy now! Well, whether we like it or not, FFDP is not good, not bad…just boring and they’re #1 on the list!

    Five Finger Death Punch of Las Vegas performing in their home town!

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