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When it comes to the Stanley Cup Champs, it seems that age is just a number on the Vegas Golden Knights. The season is less than 3 months away and as the team gets ready to defend the NHL title, it might seem the VGK are getting older.

After only six season into the NHL record books, the team made good on a promise made by owner Bill Foley. He came out and said it from the beginning that the team would win the Stanley Cup in six seasons!

Well, low and behold, after getting through the first few rounds of the playoffs, the Knights turned it up a notch when it came to the finals. The had no problem handling the Florida Panthers winning the series and the Cup in 5 games!

It was truly amazing how this city wrapped it’s arms around this team and supported them from day one! And in return, after winning the Championship, it was quite the party on the Las Vegas Strip at the T-Mobile Arena!

However, as we get ready to kickoff season seven, it seems that the team’s overall age in regard to the players is getting older. Now, is the VGK the oldest team in the NHL? We don’t even crack the Top 10! But keep in mind that some key players are getting up there.

Oldest Players On The Vegas Golden Knights

Alec Martinez is 36

Phil Kessel is 35

Alex Piertrangelo is 33

Jonathan Marchessault is 32

Byron Froese is 32

As we said before, the Golden Knights are far from being the oldest team in the league age wise. But for the record, the average age on the Knights is 28.1 years of age. With that said, according to, the VGK seem to be the 11th oldest team in the league.

So who are the oldest teams in the NHL, you can scroll down to see that…but in the mean time, GO KNIGHTS GO!

Top 5 Oldest Teams In The National Hockey League

  • #5 CALGARY FLAMES-Average Age 28.8

    It’s been a tough few seasons for the Calgary Flames and as they set their sights on improving on last season, you should know, they aren’t getting any younger. However, they aren’t the oldest team in the league…but at #5!

    The Calgary Flames are getting older by the year in the NHL

  • #4 COLORADO AVALANCE-Average Age 28.9

    The Colorado Avalanche is always giving The VGK fits…but it’s nice to see they are getting older. When it comes to the average age of players on the team, it’s good enough for fourth oldest in the league!

    The Colorado Avalanche is getting up there in years as well.

  • #3 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING-Average Age 29.3

    Hey, say what you will and they had a good run, but no love lost on the Tampa Bay Lightning. They might want to think about getting some younger players because right now, they are the 3rd oldest team in the NHL!

    The Tampa Bay Lightning is getting older, but still not the oldest in the NHL

  • #2 WASHINGTON CAPITALS-Average Age 30.0

    With some key players getting up there, it seems that so are the Washington Capitals. After beating the VGK in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2018, it seems that it might be time to regroup and go a little younger! The Caps are #2 on the list of oldest teams in the NHL!

    With some key players getting up there, the Caps are close to being the oldest team in the NHL

  • #1 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS-Average Age 30.1

    His nickname might be Sid “The Kid”, but he’s not getting any younger and neither are the Pittsburgh Penguins! With the average age of 30.1, it’s not by much, but the Pens are officially the #1 oldest team in the National Hockey League!

    The Pittsburgh Penguins at the oldest team in the NHL

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