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The basics of dating haven’t really changed – but the language has.

Gen Z’ers say they speak a very different language than their parents when it comes to dating. In the past, you might just ask “Would you like to meet up for coffee?” Ttoday it’s more likely that you’re “sliding into DMs.”

Tinder has now launched a “Dating Dictionary” to help older people understand and date younger people. Now I’m not sure we want to encourage older people hitting on more young people, but dating is dating I suppose. And there truly is someone for everyone.

The truth is, typically people are dating within their own generation. The dictionary will just make it easier to have dating conversations across different generations.

Many of the terms included were identified in the Tinder Year In Swipe 2022 report published in December. It’s younger singles who are coining the new phrases and terms to loosely define their relationship status, then they go viral on social, and BOOM – another new dating term!

A popular phrase highlighted by Tinder recently – that someone over the age of 25 may never have heard before, is “cushioning.” This means keeping several backup relationships to soften the blow if your main one doesn’t really last,

“Situationship” is another addition to Tinder vernacular. This is the sticky in-between status when someone is more than a hook-up, but they are not quite a couple.

So here they are – some terms you might want to know if you’re on Tinder. Yes – times have changes.

A word of advice:  If you’re over 40 and actually try to use any of these terms, you’ll probably just seem ick (a turn-off) to anyone under 25.

-Carla Rea

  • Daterview:

    When a date feels more like a job interview.

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • Text-lationship:

    When you text all the time but rarely meet up in person.

    Tinder Dictionary

    Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

  • Kittenfishing:

    It’s not catfishing – where you actually pretend to be someone else.  It’s a scaled-back version, where you just tweak or embellish things about yourself.

    Tinder dictionary

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  • Friendtroduction:

    When you meet someone’s friends for the first time.

    Tinder dictionary

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  • Rizz:

    Short for charisma.  Like, “I just went out with someone who has a ton of rizz.  We might hard launch soon.” 

    Tinder dictionary

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  • Hard launch:

    When you post your first official photo as a couple.

    Tinder dictionary

  • Sneaky link:

    Two people who are hooking up a lot but keeping it a secret.

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • Eco-dumping:

    Ending a date because someone’s not committed enough to environmental causes.

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • O.N.S.:

    Short for “one-night stand.”

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • Dry texter:

    Someone who writes boring texts and doesn’t use many emojis. Oh, the horror!

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • Love bombing:

    When you come on too strong at the start of a relationship. When both people do it, it can lead to a “turbo relationship.”

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • Main character energy:

    When you focus on your own needs, and don’t waste time on people who aren’t good enough.

    Tinder Dictionary

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  • O.T.P:

    Short for “one true pairing,” or the perfect couple.

    Tinder Dictionary

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