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For Las Vegas locals, it’s a no brainer that the Las Vegas Strip is world-famous. But it’s also the most famous street in our backyard. The one locals avoid when there is a big event in town. The street we know will be flooded with tourists. It’s on the top of our minds because it’s always in our sight.

But other cities in the world have their own famous streets. And when it comes to the ones known worldwide, turns out our little Las Vegas Strip isn’t so famous. Granted, people know about it. But it’s not on the top of many lists of the world’s most famous streets. And it’s not on the top of many lists of streets people just have to visit on their next vacation.

If you’re a Las Vegas Strip loyal, you might be flabbergasted right now. There are other streets people want to see MORE than ours? Rude. We have world-famous chef restaurants. Casinos and strip clubs. Fremont and Downtown. The Bellagio Fountains and the High Roller. And soon, Formula 1 Racing. What more could people want?

Surprisingly, some of the more famous streets don’t have all that hoopla. Some do, for sure. But others are simply famous for one or two reasons. Or just because of a single event it’s known for. And in some cases, they’ve just been around longer.

There are probably other streets not on this list that people are just as surprised about. Santa Monica Boulevard in California. The Autobahn in Germany. Wall Street and Fifth Avenue in New York. The Royal Mile in Scotland. With so many famous streets in the world, it’s hard to include them all in a small list. But the numbers speak for themselves.

Readers Digest, Traveller365 and more weighed in. These are the most famous streets people all over the world flock to. And the Las Vegas Strip, albeit famous and a local favorite, isn’t the top of the list. – Wendy Rush

  • 1. Lombard Street - San Francisco

    Famous street in San Francisco, Lombard Street

    If you’re looking for a roller coaster ride but don’t want to go to a theme park, head to this street. With eight sharp turns, it winds like a snake down the hill. It was made this way to intentionally force drivers to go slowly in the city known for its steep hills.

  • 2. Abbey Road - London

    Zebra Crossing at the Abbey Road, London

    I almost didn’t recognize this road without the Beatles crossing it! And it’s pretty amazing that a single album cover back in 1969 has made this one of the most famous streets in the world still to this day.

  • 3. Hollywood Boulevard - Hollywood

    Hollywood Blvd

    More than 10 million people every year visit this spot. To see the Walk Of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theater, or just for the chance to see a celebrity.

  • 4. Bourbon Street - New Orleans

    NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - AUGUST 25: Bourbon Street sign with pubs and bars and neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans on August 25, 2015.

    This street is literally home to one of the most famous parties in the world. But visitors don’t have to wait until Mardi Gras to enjoy the nightlife in New Orleans. Bourbon Street lights up every night, and weekends are crazy. Live jazz, strip clubs, bar crawls. The French Quarter is a party all year long.

  • 5. La Rambla - Barcelona

    Barcelona Spain, high angle view city skyline at La Rambla street

    You might think Pamplona is the city in Spain tourists flock to, due to the famous bull running that goes on there. But, no. Barcelona is home to La Rambla. A street so famous that tourists most often outnumber locals. Sounds like another street I know…

  • 6. Champs Élysées - Paris

    Pretty night time illuminations of the Impressive Arc de Triomphe (1833) along the famous tree lined Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris. ProPhoto profile for precise color reproduction.

    Consistently topping the lists of most famous streets in the world is this one. It combines rich history with modern shops and dining. You can also climb on one of the city’s most famous monuments, the Arc de Triomphe, for an epic picture of the city. Not to mention, this is the location for the famous Bastille Day Military Parade and the Tour de France race.

  • 7. Ginza - Tokyo

    TOKYO, JAPAN - January 18 , 2017 : Cityscape in the Ginza District. The district offers high end retail shopping.

    The Ginza district in Tokyo is the place to be for tourists who want epic shopping and dining. It’s home to flagship stores like Sony and Apple. Also goods by famous designers the likes of Chanel. It’s considered Tokyo’s fashion district and is often referred to as the Times Square of Tokyo.

  • 8. Broadway - New York City

    Times Square

    With New York’s famous Theater District and some of the world’s most popular (and most expensive) places to shop, it’s no wonder this one is on the list. And on New Year’s Eve they’re wall-to-wall with visitors for Times Square‘s ball drop.


  • 9. Orchard Road - Singapore

    Christmas season on famous Orchard Road in Singapore, with colorful street decorations and motion blur on streaking traffic tail lights.

    Considered the main shopping street in Singapore, tourists and locals alike love this street. It has upscale restaurants, night clubs, shopping and hotels. Not to mention it’s where the president of Singapore lives. And at Christmastime, it lights up brighter than The Strip on New Year’s Eve.

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