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Let me guess…you forgot to get a costume for a party tonight? Or your kid just now decided they DID want you to dress up for trick-or-treating? You can always blame Amazon and say they lost your delivery. 😉 Don’t worry, we’ve all been here. Under the pressure of having to be Rembrandt-level creative with zero time and brainpower to pull it off.

We got you covered. We found an awesome YouTube video with ideas for last-minute DIY costumes for just this stress-inducing occasion. Some of these getups you might have to run to Wal-Mart for. Or you might have the supplies in your house right now. Bonus! And the great thing about a DIY costume is that you can make it any size. So your kid doesn’t have to be the one without a costume. And YOU don’t have to cut up your favorite white sheets.

But, if you’re short on time, you’re probably not keen on sitting through a 18-minute YouTube video to find something that will work for you. We got you on covered on that too. Here’s a list breaking that video down. So you can scroll through quickly and see what might work for your family theme or party needs. Then just jump to that part of the video (link is below) to get a tutorial on making it a costume. And voila!

So, if you don’t want to brave the crowds of the local costume store (have you seen a Spirit Halloween on Halloween? It’s downright scary), or you need something specific that a prepackaged costume doesn’t provide, we got you covered. Now, if you forgot to get candy, well we can’t help you there.

At the end of the video below are ideas for five-minute Halloween crafts that are a lot of fun, if you need to distract the kiddos today while they wait for sunset.

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  • 1. Doll In A Box

    stylish female model in sunglasses standing in decorative box with box on yellow background

    Supplies Needed: Cardboard box, belt (any color), pink cardstock, printed letters, cutout stars, bow ribbon, hair brush or other accessory.
    Video Spot: 0:00.

  • 2. Bunch Of Grapes

    Grape. Dark grape. Grapes with leaves isolated. With clipping path. Full depth of field.

    Supplies Needed: Green Pipe Cleaner, Green Felt, Purple Balloons (or red, or light green).

    Video Spot: 0:16.

  • 3. Rubix Cube

    VENICE, ITALY - MARCH 04: A mother and son wearing carnival costumes walk in flooded Saint Mark's Square on the last day of Carnival on March 4, 2014 in Venice, Italy. It is the last day of the 2014 Carnival of Venice which has run from February 15 and includes a program of gala dinners, parades, dances, masked balls and music events. High water has been forecast for the final day with the chance of possible flooding. (Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images)

    Supplies Needed: Cardboard Box, Tape, Paint

    Video Spot: 0:34

  • 4. Medusa

    Beautiful 30 year old woman in medusa costume over white.

    Supplies Needed: Rubber Snakes, Crazy Wig

    Video Spot: 0:54

  • 5. Washing Machine


    Supplies Needed: Cardboard Box, Cake Box, Foil Cup, Laundry Basket, Clothes

    Video Spot: 1:12

  • 6. Ring Toss Toy

    Quoits, wooden toy isolated on white background

    Supplies Needed: Foam board, innertubes.

    Video Spot: 1:41

  • 7. Hot Air Balloon

    Adorable little boy playing with diy hot air balloon in park

    Supplies Needed: Cardboard box, dowels, paper bags, tape. twine.

    Video Spot: 2:18

  • 8. Grinch

    Image of a funny woman in a Christmas sweater posing on a white background with New Year's decorations. Grinch style. Holiday concept. Mixed media

    Supplies Needed: Face Paint (Brown, Green and Black), Green Eye Shadow, Yellow Body Paint, Green Wig, Santa Hat, Red Lipstick, Scarf

    Video Spot: 4:08