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Well, Turkey Day is officially upon us. Because this year is moving faster than a toupee on a windy day (have to give credit to Carla Rea on that one…I’m not that funny). Everyone knows there are a ton of movies to get us into the Christmas spirit. But what about the Thanksgiving spirit? Why is Thanksgiving the wind beneath Christmas‘s wings? The little sister that doesn’t get the good grades? We decided we’re kind of fed up (pun intended…okay that pun was mine, but only if you laughed…if not, it was Carla’s too) with Thanksgiving getting the shaft when it comes to holiday cheer.

So we want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit this year. After all, Thanksgiving is the one who actually kicks off the holiday. Sit down, Halloween…we’re not talking about you. And, believe it or not, there actually are movies dedicated to, or set in, this underrated season. So before you start watching all those Christmas Stories, those Home Alones, those Miracle on 34th Streets, let’s take a step back and pay homage to Turkey Day.

We’ve made a list of such movies. Our favorites from mentalfloss.com. Seven movies for the seven days of Thanksgiving. Yes, I just made that a thing. Will it stick? Probably not. But, unlike my quasi-clever quips, these movies do have staying power. There’s some classics in there, some romance, some comedy, a cartoon, one REALLY classic classic…basically a little something for everyone.

Come Friday, Thanksgiving will be lost again in the snowy shadow of Christmas. So this weekend and next week I invite you to curl up on the sofa with your loved-ones and your turkey snacks and get into the holiday spirit with these Thanksgiving movies. Just like the pilgrims did (I’m also not a history teacher). 

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  • 1. Addams Family Values

    A family-friendly flick that involves a lively speech from Wednesday about the First Thanksgiving and the injustices done to the Native Americans.

  • 2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    This movie follows Steve Martin’s character as he tries to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Comedy at its finest.

  • 3. The Gold Rush

    Speaking of comedy, join Charlie Chaplin in this classic movie while he’s preparing a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 4. You've Got Mail

    Obvious choice, as this romantic comedy takes place during Thanksgiving.

  • 5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    Bring the kiddos around the TV for this one. Make sure you have some toast, popcorn and jelly beans handy so they can have Thanksgiving, Snoopy-style.

  • 6. The Humans

    A new dark comedy portraying three generations of family trying to come together during Thanksgiving.

  • 7. Home For The Holidays

    And yet another dysfunctional family trying to do Thanksgiving together.