The iPhone is an advanced piece technology that has helped humans with many of their day-to-day tasks. Over the last decade, we as humans are witnessing an evolution of what our phone can do for us. Which is more than just text and talk. So it’s time to give your most beloved piece of technology credit.

Your iPhone notes app can do some pretty cool things that you may not already know.

For those of us that don’t use smartphones, the “Notes” app is a FREE app (in iPhone) that comes with your phone when you purchase it. The app resembles a traditional notepad with lines and paper perforation.

Generally the note app is for, well, taking notes. It helps with storing important details for you to recall at a later time. But what else does the app do beside store notes? A lot more actually.

The app is very advanced with photo capabilities, scanning technology and grouping affects. The app can help manage your life in a way that will organize your thoughts like never before.

We discovered some clever ways to help you with your day-to-day. Need to highlight an important part of your note? You can do that. Organize your notes that with scanned documents with ease.

Find notes with attachments for faster use. No matter what you are using Notes for check out some cool things you can do below:

  • Password Protected Note

    Users are able to create a note and lock it with a password. Now no one will see your secrete information.

    1. Select the note you want to save
    2. Tap the three dot ellipse (top right)
    3. Select lock
    4. Set up a passcode and or you can create a password
  • Group Notes Into Smart Folders

    Users are able to create multiple folders and group them together.

    1. Hit the three dot ellipse
    2. Select Notes
    3. Then continue to tap the empty circles on the right for the notes you want to group
    4. Select Move
    5. Select New Folder or Quick Notes
    6. If you selected New Folder… Name the folder and click save
  • Save a Note As A PDF

    Users are able to save their notes into PDF documents.

    How to:

    1. Hit the export (square with the arrow button) button.
    2. Scroll to the bottom and hit the “Markup” button.
    3. Select “Done”
    4. Select “Save File To…”


  • Scan Document As A PDF

    Users are able to scan documents into their phone using the notes app.

    1. Click the square with the pen (bottom right hand corner)
    2. Hit the camera icon (bottom middle)
    3. Select Scan Document
    4. *Raise your phone above the document you want to scan.
    5. You will see yellow lines to fit the document in.
    6. Your phone will then automatically select a photo of the document.
    7. If the document is good to go, click save.
    8. Click done and you now have a document scanned and saved.
  • Tag Your Notes

    Users are able to tag their notes to access them easier.

    • Find a note you want to tag
    • Add a hashtag and a word to the note
    • Then re-open the Notes app
    • Select the empty search bar (a drop down will happen)
    • Select “Notes with Tags” to dins them easier
  • Pin Notes To The Top

    Users are able to pin notes to the top of their phone.

    1. Select the note you want to pin.
    2. After it opens, select the three dot ellipse
    3. Select Pin
    4. Select All iCloud (top left)
    5. Your pinned note shall appear at the top

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