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Everyone thinks they are good at just about everything, but guess what? There are thing you are good at, but you really aren’t! It’s just not The Mike & Carla Morning Show saying this, take the survey yourself!

According to Ranker, there are quite a few things we all think we’re pretty good at, but let’s be honest, were just NOT! For example, we all think we can tell a good joke…well guess what? There is an artform to it. A certain amount of timing.

“Do you want to hear a funny joke?”

When someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, I have a funny joke!”. Normally my response it, “…you have a joke, I’ll tell you if it’s funny!” Oh, look at there, I can vote and say I’m good at being “honest!” Which by the way, came it at #7.

Of course as much as we all think we look and act cool…are we really? To we all have that style when it comes to clothes, hair and overall look? If you look at the numbers, evidently not all of us. That’s why being cool came in at #9!

And you know we would all like to think we are awesome in bed! Uh, take another look! Not everyone can be and for that reason it came in at #18! But you have to be good at some of the stuff right? Let’s face it, there has to be a reason someone fell in love with you! You can do stuff!

But to find out, you have to look at the overall study. Things like lying barely made it into the Top 25. So that proves we’re not very good at it…so stop trying to lie!

Oh, and as much as we all think we can sing karaoke, uh, drop the mic and walk away. That didn’t even crack the Top 20. You can also forget being a good kisser! Mike O’Brian has told his story enough time about his first kiss with his wife…it didn’t turn out so good. But on the other hand, they have been together for years!

So take the survey and find out all the things you truly are NOT good at. Take it as a sort of “reality” check…and enjoy!

Top 5 Things We Think We’re Good At But Aren’t

  • #5 SINGING

    Hey, everyone thinks they can sing, but guess what? If we could all do it, we’d all be big pop stars…so make a note of it! That’s why it comes in at #5 on the list!

    Two young girls trying to sing!

    OJO Images via Getty Images


    We’d all like to think we are humble, but when it gets right down to it, we not all good at that. Take a look at the entire list, being humble comes in at #4!

    A guy thinking he is truly humble

    SIphotography via Getty Images


    Whether it be at home or even at work, we really wish we could be good at avoiding drama, but we can’t. And we can’t avoid getting involved in it…a real good reason as to why it pops up at #3 on the list!

    A couple trying to avoid the drama of every relationship

    fizkes via Getty Images


    Trying to be a good friend and be there to just “listen”…we all think we can do that. Just be a “good listener”…well guess what? We can’t and we aren’t! That’s why the simple task of being a good listener comes in at #2 on the list!

    A girlfriend trying to be a good listener, but it's just not working

    AntonioGuillem vis Getty Images

  • #1 DRIVING

    You knew this had to be #1 right? We all think we’re good drivers, but clearly not all of us are! Have you driven on the roads lately? People not using their turn signals, can’t merge, and not even stopping at stop signs…no big surprise this is the one thing we think we’re all good at, but aren’t!

    A man behind the wheel of a car with road rage

    Paolo Cordoni via Getty Images

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