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Beautiful displeased girl holding broken red heart and pointing thumb down. Looking at camera. Valentine's Day concept.

Okay what’s the deal with Valentine’s Day? We know February has long been seen as the month of romance. But who is this Saint Valentine character and why did we end up exchanging chocolates and flowers in his name? Turns out nobody really knows.

Where Valentine’s Day Might Have Come From

There are many different stories in Catholic history surrounding the origin of Valentine’s Day (history.com). One involves a priest who performed marriages in secret when they were prohibited. Another was a man who allegedly helped Christians escape from a Roman prison. All of the characters in these Valentine’s Day origin stories were known for some heroic form of fighting for love. But none of them quite like the stories in the romantic comedies we associate with the holiday.

Then we have this random Cupid character. Which originated from the Greeks. Cupid was a version of Eros, the Greek god of love. Some Valentine’s traditions even go back as far as the middle ages. Nobody agrees on the reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It truly is a holiday we do simply because it’s what we’ve always done.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Shouldn’t Be Obligatory

If you’re anti Valentine’s Day, feel free to be. But, if you are a Valentine’s Day lover, more power to you. I think it’s truly a “to each his own” type of holiday. Either way, don’t feel like you HAVE to celebrate it just because Hallmark tells us to. Because at the end of the day, it’s just another Wednesday (at least this year).

But, for some reason, some of us still feel that twinge of guilt if we don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Either we have a single friend who celebrates Galentine’s Day. Or we just went through a break up and need to distract ourselves.

5 Ways To Make The Day Special, Without Making It A Special Day

So, we came up with a list of things to do to make this holiday special, without giving in to that diaper-wearing Greek baby god. Enjoy. And Happy Valen…I mean, Happy Wednesday. – Wendy Rush 

  • 1. Hit Up A Wreck Room...Literally

    A great option for those who just went through a break up is a wreck room. It actually also gets the angst out of you were forced to just spend an obscene amount of money on Valentine’s Day roses.

    My favorite in Las Vegas is actually called Wreck Room (creative, I know). It’s located at 4090 Schiff Dr in Las Vegas. Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. With destruction packages starting at $75. (702) 405-6407

  • 2. Make a "Single" Playlist And Dance Like nobody's watching!


    If you’re fighting the love blues and feeling sad because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, make a playlist about how awesome it is to be single. You won’t be single forever. And when you’re not, there will be times you miss your alone time. So live it up right now.

    Here are a few songs to get you started.

    Destiny’s Child – Independent Women, Pt. 1

    Avril Lavigne – What The Hell

    Meghan Trainor – Me Too

    Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

  • 3. Visit an animal shelter

    St. Valentine's Day concept. Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red rose flower in mouth isolated on white background. Lovely dog in love on valentines day gives gift

    Hallmark says we have to show love on Valentine’s Day? Fine! Animals need love too! So stop by a local shelter a take a pup for a walk. Or donate $5 to the Animal Foundation (or find a similar program at your local shelter) to get a Cup of Love delivered to a shelter pup. You can also spend some time giving cuddles in the kitty adoption room. I guarantee your heart will be a lot fuller after this than after the date you would have found on Tinder.

  • 4. Make funny heart cookies

    conversation cookies with emotional, sentimental text such as be mine, I love you, kiss me, crazy for you, hug me and more. Useful for valentine's day, birthday, celebrations, and other holidays.

    This idea is a lot of fun. Do it with gals pals or on your own to deliver to the coworkers. Instead of traditional Valentine’s Day sayings on your conversation heart cookies, you can write things like “Roses die” or “I don’t have to share the remote”. Deliver some to a friend who is alone on Valentine’s Day and make their day too!

  • Make an anti-Valentine's Day Pinata

    A heart shaped pinata explodes with candy hearts

    This is another one for anybody who is a little jaded about love this year. Go to town on a heart-shaped piñata. There’s some real therapy in that. And just because you don’t do Valentine’s Day, does not mean you can’t enjoy the candy! In fact, it might taste better because you don’t have to share it with anyone.

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