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It’s “National Teachers Appreciation Week,” so we thought we’d delve into our music files to come up with five cool tunes for your coolest teachers.

Teachers Inspire Us All

I had quite a few teachers who inspired me during my school years. Mrs. Greenberg in first grade who taught me how to read. I’ll never forget how great I felt when reading clicked in my brain. “See Spot run. Run Spot run.” I did it! I actually read real words.

Then there was Mrs. Rubinsteinin 8th grade history and social studies. She was one of those teachers who really challenged us and made us think. Mr. White,my favorite high school English teacher was another inspiring mentor. He pushed me to try new things, like theater, just to help me improve myself. It certainly helped in the long run as a radio personality.

A Teacher Who Helped Me In My Career

In college, Miss Baldwin helped me lose my New York accent in voice and diction class. I don’t know how she did it in only three months. Back then, all radio and tv personalities had to sound generic, so losing my accent certainly made it easier to get a job in radio once I graduated.

Teachers Appreciation Week In Clark County

I have a lot of friends here in the Las Vegas valley who have been, or are currently, teachers with the Clark County School District (CCSD).They are all great people who work very hard to try and teach our young people. Sometimes, they accomplish this under very trying circumstances. I have a lot of respect for all of them.

I hope you get a chance to thank a teacher you know for doing a great job. Now, 96.3 KKLZ invites you to scroll down and check out five cool tunes for the coolest teachers you know during National Teachers Appreciation Week.

  • 5) One More Try - George Michael

    There is nothing about school or teachers in the title of this #1 song from George Michael, but the lyrics certainly do mention “teacher.” He croons: “Cause teacher, there are things that I don’t want to learn.” This was the third consecutive chart-topper on the Billboard Hot 100 from Michael’s debut solo album, Faith.

  • 4) School's Out - Alice Cooper

    Everyone thinks that only students can’t wait to get out of school for the summer. But we all know the teachers look forward to that summer break too. This song always sounds great cranked up to “11” on the final day of classes. Let’s party!

  • 3) Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd

    Ah yes, Pink Floyd’s famous anti-education hit song. It’s their only song that went to the top of the charts. But if you read up about the lyrics of this song, bass player Roger Waters was not railing against teachers or education. According to, he was protesting corporal (physical) punishment and abusive schooling. I just thought he didn’t want more homework.

  • 2) Hot For Teacher - Van Halen

    Leave it to David Lee Roth and the boys to write a song about lusting after your teacher. The best part of this song is that it starts with a 30-second drum solo by Alex Van Halen. He’s absolutely wailing on those double bass drums. This was the final single released from the band’s best-selling album, 1984.

  • 1) Don't Stand So Close To Me - Police

    Did you know that Sting was actually an English teacher before he became a rock star? It’s true. According to, the lyrics of this song do not refer to actual events in his teaching career. The song deals with the physical attraction between a teacher and student, and the consequences of their actions. This became the band’s first top 10 single in the U.S.A.

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