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Do you always have tourists asking where they should go for the best eats in Las Vegas? Or maybe you want to try a new place but don’t want to waste your time with bad food. Well, Yelp is here to help.

Every year, Yelp comes out with a Top 100 list. The list encompasses all the restaurants that have landed in the top 100 for best reviews. And though their are places all around the world worthy of the list, the “Top 100 Places To Eat” collection only includes restaurants and eateries in the United States. With that being said, Yelp just released their list for 2023, and two Las Vegas spots landed on it.

The list isn’t as simple as just the top 100 places that got the best reviews though. These aren’t the 100 restaurants that got 5 stars. But all the places on the list do have at least a 4.5 star rating. So you’re still looking at some pretty darn good eating.

The way the list is compiled is a little more complicated. According to News Nation Now, the process starts with submissions and suggestions from users. Those submissions are compared against the ratings and number of reviews on their platform.

Then “Yelp’s analysts also tallied the amount of submissions for each restaurant, and attempted to account for ‘geographic representation’ based on the overall share of suggestions and highly rated restaurants for a given area” (newsnationnow.com). The next step is filtering the picks through Yelp‘s community managers, who are experts in each region.

Like we said, it’s complicated. But you don’t have to know the logistics to benefit from them. Just gather your list of places to try here in Las Vegas that landed on the list this year. And since Yelp has been doing this list since 2014, there are even more Vegas spots worth checking out. More than 30 of our local restaurants have made the list over the years. And we’ve compiled the ones from the last five years for you to visit, starting with this year’s winners. – Wendy Rush