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conceptual hen and rooster in the form of a balerina isolated on a white background

Happy Groundhog Day! The American holiday where we turn to a furry little rodent to plan the next six weeks of our lives. Makes sense. But why? Why do we do it? Besides the fact that we do a lot of things that don’t make sense.

We do it…because it’s what we’ve always done? Well, not really. According to folklorist Dan Yoder, the holiday has evolved over centuries. He says it began in pre-Christian Western Europe when the Celtic culture dominated the area (cnn.com). The culture then didn’t have solstices like we know today. But they did have similar dates that represented the seasons changing. Four them throughout the year. May 1 became May Day, November 1 became All Saints’ Day. And February 1 (eventually moving to February 2) became Groundhog Day.

Don’t Eat The Groundhog!!

So we did adopt this tradition of associating the weather with the furry little groundhog. Cause it’s fun and he’s cute. But let’s just take a minute to thank the heavens that we don’t still do the OTHER part of the tradition. Yep. They used to eat that poor groundhog after he predicted the weather.

In the early 19th century, Groundhog Day was celebrated with this culinary twist in the festivities. The Groundhog Picnic, as it was called, happened every Groundhog Day at the Punxsutawney Elk Lodge in Pennsylvania. Locals would come to the lodge for lunch and reveled in how tender the groundhog’s meat was. Ewwwwww. They didn’t tell us THAT part of this story in the Groundhog Day movie. Leave it up to Hollywood to sugar coat history. Amarite?

I think it’s safe to say that this holiday is a little crazy in its traditions. But there are even more holidays we celebrate here in the states that will have you scratching your head. Fortunately, none of them involve eating a rodent. – Wendy Rush

  • March 3 - "If Pets Had Thumbs" Day

    Shih tzu dog handsign. On blue and white background.

    Wait…what? This one makes listening to a famous furry weatherman seem pretty tame. This national holiday simply invites people to imagine what it would be like if our fur babies had opposable thumbs. Yep…that’s the whole point of the holiday.

  • June 4 - "Hug Your Cat" Day

    Portrait of young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes. Female hugging her cute long hair kitty. Background, copy space, close up. Adorable domestic pet concept.

    I love cats as much as the next guy, but a day dedicated to hugging them? I mean…if you’re not hugging your cat on the daily, why do you even have one? Seriously…

  • February 16 - "Do a Grouch a Favor" Day

    grumpy oldfart or dissatisfied and displeased old bald man isolated portrait isolated on white

    This national day simply encourages people to help turn the day around for someone who is extra grumpy. Which is honestly something we should be trying to do every day. Nobody knows why this day exists, but I think Big Bird invented it. Oscar The Grouch can really wear on a bird after the years.

  • April 9 - "Name Yourself" Day

    Woman choosing baby name at wooden table, top view

    Ever wish your parents named you something else? This day might be for you. This national holiday exists to let people try on a new name for size. It was created on the idea that one’s name molds their personality. Who will you be this April? Flo? Mortimer? Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? The sky is the limit.

  • May 14 - "Dance Like a Chicken" Day

    holidays sillier than Groundhog Day

    conceptual hen and rooster in the form of a balerina isolated on a white background

    If you thought you had to wait until the next wedding you attended to do the Chicken Dance, you’re in luck! This holiday is an entire day dedicated to doing that iconic dance. So go crazy, but don’t forget to stretch first.

  • June 15 - National "Hollerin’ Contest" Day

    Angry young woman throwing a temper tantrum yelling at the camera with a furious expression over a blue studio background with copy space

    Well this one actually makes sense to me. A day that gives people permission to get some angst out. Go ahead. Scream and holler at the top of your lungs. After all, you’re just celebrating the holiday. 😉

  • July 4 - "Sidewalk Egg Frying" Day

    it's so hot you can fry an egg on the pavement

    Okay this one sounds like an excuse to make a mess in the front yard. But it actually comes from the mission to be more aware of the benefits of solar energy. So I guess we don’t have to wait until it gets dark to have some fun outside on the fourth of July.

  • September 19 - "International Talk Like A Pirate" Day

    Back view of man wearing costume of pirate and standing in front of mirror in dressing room practicing scene from performance or before shooting a movie.

    Okay I happen to love this one. And, frankly, I’m not sure I can be friends with someone who doesn’t.

  • September 28 - "Ask a Stupid Question" Day

    Portrait of a Confused Business Man Shrugging his Shoulders

    While this day might give people the permission to say some pretty dumb things, it actually has origins in a good cause. It’s for teachers to give their shy students a day ask the questions they’d otherwise be too embarrassed to say out loud.

  • October 31 - "Increase Your Psychic Powers" Day

    Sorcerer uses a crystal ball to predict the future

    This holiday encourages people to practice and improve their psychic abilities. So grab that Ouija board and crystal ball and make no apologies!

  • December 5 - "Bathtub Party" Day

    Three young adult girlfriends sitting together with alcohol drinks in bathtub, having hen-party or celebrating women's holidays at home

    This one sounds like a day full of potential scandal. But it doesn’t have to be a party of multiple people. The day is just encouraging people to linger in a bath rather than taking a shower. However, if you want to invite friends, no judgment here.

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