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Wendy here. Where were you when the storm hit Sunday? We were on the lake. It was such a pretty day for paddleboarding!







Apple was swimming, Baby Z was rock-jumping, Robb was getting his SUP on.









Until…the clouds rolled in. It got very dark very quickly, and oh, the wind. Robb ended up on the other side of the cove! It was pouring by the time we got back to the car. And the nightmare didn’t end there!









Downed power lines closed the highway back to Vegas. We had to go back through Kingman. We were driving through a small town on dirt roads when that emergency alert came in! Let me tell you, it’s a lot more jarring to see “don’t attempt to travel” when you’re traveling!

But, everyone arrived safely at home, a little sore and a lot tired. And looking forward to our next adventure on the lake! 😀