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With the announcement of her new “Celebration Tour, Madonna has been the subject of a lot of conversations lately. The music and fashion icon is no stranger to being the center of attention. In fact, that’s exactly what her whole career has been. She’s always found the edge of what’s socially “appropriate”, and pushed just a few steps further. She seemed to be able to perfectly live on that fine line between eyebrow raising and being totally ostracized for her character choices. And we used to love her for it.

But now, Madonna is getting a lot of judgement thrown at her. About her looks. About her behavior. About that last Truth Or Dare video she released. Yes, I’m guilty of the head-shaking too. But let’s think about this… She’s still just pushing the boundaries the way she always has. Yes, her behavior is juvenile and crass at times, but she’s not committing crimes or otherwise being a deviant of society. So what exactly is Madonna doing that’s so shocking these days?

Consider this…maybe it’s not about WHAT she’s doing so much as WHEN she’s doing it. Ever since we first saw Madonna with that diamond grill in 2013, we knew she was entering a new phase of pushing the envelope. And since then it’s been lip fillers, hair extensions and sexually explicit chatter. How dare she?!?

But wait…isn’t that what the Kardashians have been doing since Kim released that sex tape? And aren’t they building a multi-billion dollar empire on it? Yes, yes they are. And the reason why Madonna doing it is so shocking might be because of just one difference: her age.

Back in the 1980’s, Madonna was being shunned for pushing the limits of sexuality. But these days, there’s not much we haven’t seen in that area. Kids are learning about sex from porn. Women in music are singing about sex more explicitly than Madonna ever did. So there’s not much she can do anymore to raise those eyebrows.

Maybe Madonna is simply a creature of habit adapting to a new environment. She’s always put her identity in being the trailblazer for roads less traveled. Maybe she’s just on the path now of defying what’s “age-appropriate” in society. And, just like those after her on the road of women’s sexuality, maybe women in Hollywood, and beyond, some day will thank her for it. – Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ

And since we’re talking about old school Madonna, here are some throwback photos of the Queen of Pop.

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