The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Weekdays 5:00am - 10:00am

It was pure joy at the Margaritas & Tacos Experience in Downtown Summerlin this past weekend.

Mike O’Brian from “The Mike & Carla Morning Show” joined the fiesta and broadcasted LIVE from the festival.

The Margaritas & Tacos Experience was an event that highlighted Latino culture and showcased a plethora of local performances.

Mariachi music encapsulated the festival. As vendors were selling their art, the traditional music created the perfect soundtrack as attendees shopped and ate the array of food and drinks. Event attendees danced to the traditional music as the Mariachi band performed live.

Dancers also performed the Jarabe Tapatío, which is a traditional folklore dance in Mexico, on the main stage. The dancers donned breathtaking dresses that were embroidered and embellished with beautiful patterns and traditional elements.

Lucha libre wrestling was another facet to this community-oriented festival. This entertaining style of wrestling captivated families as they watched the masked-wrestlers bounce around the ring, tossing and throwing each other in and out of the roped-off square.

Along this line-up of amazing and, most importantly, local talent, the food was the star of the day.

Food vendors crammed the lawn in Downtown Summerlin. From birria tacos, to fresh seafood and even desserts like snow cones and toasted nuts, this festival was every foodie’s dream.

Mike’s personal favorite was the fresh agua frescas juices, which are essentially fresh sugary fruit juices. Horchata was the most popular one, but we went with the fresh cucumber juice to cool us down from the Vegas heat.

It was beautiful to witness the community having a great time in Downtown Summerlin. It was a day of culture appreciation and fun. The lawn was packed with locals and even tourists, who stopped by to check out the festivities.

This event showcased what Vegas has to offer: Amazing community and seeing our own connections through sharing, experiencing and appreciating the cultures in our city.