It was a great day with Morty, who spent the day at Canyon Pointe Shopping Center with Essential Foods!

An influx of people lined up at the tent, waiting for Essential Foods‘ and the amazing deals they had for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Vegas locals were able to stock up on poultry, beef, seafood and so much more without breaking their budget.

This is a brand new location for the season, and it was a hit with the locals! Morty had a raffle for tickets and gave our lovely listeners amazing KKLZ prizes.

Everyone was a winner at this event because Essential Foods’ deals are astonishing! With “20 Ribeyes For $40,” it’s no wonder why the line grew as the day went on because the deals were unreal!

Essential Foods cuts the middle man out. So you’re never paying for a ridiculous marked-up retail price that’s inflated. This family-owned business serves your produce directly to you. They own their own ranches, package their own meat and deliver it in a way that’s convenient to the consumer.

By creating an approach that horizontally integrates the entire meat-making process, their prices and cost are sliced in half! This means that the consumer pays for the true value of the meat rather than other factors that drive up the cost.

The half-off party boxes, which are filled with premium cuts and fillets of meat, were just as popular at the ribeyes. Many people left the Essential Foods truck with stacks of boxes filled with delicious, amazing meals.

Essential Foods is perfect for any type of cook and family. The bulk deals are budget friendly and cater to a variety of taste and meat preference.

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