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Mike O’Brian from The Mike and Carla Morning Show, got to go behind the scenes of the Allegiant Stadium. If you haven’t been to the 65,000 seat stadium here is a sneak peek at what to expect. Take the journey with him through his gallery of photos.

Allegiant Stadium Fact Check: #DidYouKnow

  • The Al Davis Torch stands 92 feet high.
  • There are over 44 escalators in the stadium.
  • To roll in the grass that the Raiders actually play on weighs over 19 million pounds and is pulled in by using 72 motors.
  • There are three different “turfs” at the stadium:
    • The Raiders
    • UNLV Football
    • A generic artificial blanket field
  • Each Executive VIP Suite has its own “butler.”
  • The only other color in the stadium outside of the Silver & Grey is the small wall outside the UNLV Football locker room and it’s painted RED!
  • The “Raiderettes” have their own locker room and “Hall of Fame” within the stadium!
  • When you tour the locker room, a hologram of Coach Gruden appears giving you a Raider-type pep talk!
  • All of the employees including guides, and food/beverage employees were very nice!